Things You Need To Do When Starting A Mineral Water Plant


Aug 2017
Mineral Water

Investing in a mineral water plant project today is a very wise move you can take. However, before starting your new business, you should first take a look at some of the important things that you typically need when setting up a new mineral water plant. People living in the city and even in villages in Read More

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The Process Of Waste Water Treatment


Jun 2017

Every minute of the day, we have wastewater that goes down toilets and drains in our homes, schools and factories which ends up in water treatment plants. A waste water treatment plant is a plant where contaminants from waste water are removed before it is released to local water sheds. The process used by wastewater Read More

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What Is The Differenece Between RO and DI Water Purification?


Jun 2017
Purified Water

Today, people look for different water purification systems and then often ask the difference between RO and DI water purifications. Both the water purifications are different from each other and we need to understand each technology individually. Reverse Osmosis or commonly known as RO is the opposite of a natural process simply called osmosis. Osmosis Read More

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Reasons to Start a Bottled Water Company


May 2017
water purification

Today, bottled water is drinking water packaged in glass or plastic water. It can be distilled water, spring water or even mineral water depending on what packaged water one wants to manufacture. Today bottled water industry in India is thriving and no one can deny the fact that this is an evergreen business specially in Read More

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Things To Know About Mineral Water Plant


Mar 2017
mineral water plant cost

When people hear the words “mineral water”, they usually think of the water that is coming from various natural springs which are believed to have curative and medicinal value. Today, although natural mineral water still contains some dissolved medicinal properties, it is no longer as potable as it was a couple of decades ago because Read More

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  • Rahul Gupta

    IIECL’s Ultra-Modern systems are engineered to focus the power of concentrated Ultra Modern Water Plants with proven performance for disinfection and chlorine reduction in Recreational Water Systems worldwide…

    - Mr. Rahul Gupta Patna, Bihar

  • K T Tushar

    IIECL’s Prompt-Services to the Customer for PURE-WATER continues to be the world leader in UV water treatment systems for Industrial & Commercialand Domestic Applications… With an Innovation and Advanced Expertise…(PURE-QUALITY )

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  • Kaushik Patel

    We at IIECL (Indian Ion Exchange) do believe in backing solutions with total service support. Outsourcing service, particularly O&M, is helping many of our customers to eliminate hassles of supervision and time on water treatment and to concentrate on their core business….perhaps the Taj Group would find O&M very useful too…

    - Mr. Kaushik Patel

    - Gandhinagar, Gujarat

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    IIECL’s Aquaculture systems have proven unparalleled in performance for over 20 years and have provided a virtually maintenance-free value to customers worldwide…with Fantastic & Break-through progress…in Water Purification Systems &Water Revolution also…

    - Mr. Govind Desaibhai Gohel

    - Anand, Gujarat

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    The principles of customer dedication, product quality and reliability are essential in ensuring the purity of water…by I I ECL-Tea m Efforts…

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  • ONGC

    The RO Plant at Indian ION Exchange & Chemical Industries at our South Santhal plant is just ideal for our requirements.

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