16Jul 2019

Factors to consider while buying a water purifier

The reason that you are here pretty much assures that you are convinced that every penny you spend on a water purifier is a penny spent wisely. However, not all purifiers cater to the things that you are looking for in a water purifier. Since people are becoming more aware of the benefits of water purifiers, the demand for the same has been increasing vastly; hence, it has become a necessity now. There are many companies out there producing water purifiers, but they may or may not be what you are looking for. At times people are convinced by the fascinating advertisements to buy from specific water purifier manufacturers, but they are not necessarily the right choice.

There are several reasons for you to get the best water purifier at home, some of them are as follows:

  • Provides safety from life-threatening waterborne diseases which are caused by consuming contaminated water.
  • Water tastes better after filtration, no weird taste of chlorine, or salt.
  • Scratching, spotting and scaling is not there anymore on the surface of your kitchen utensils.

Now the question arises as to which purifier suits the best for your home?

The answer is in considering the following factors while buying a water purifier for your home.

The quality of water

The way to choosing the right water purifier for your home starts with understanding what type of purifier you actually need. The water purifier you need is based on the quality of the water being supplied to your house. The type of impurities found in water supplied to your home like harmful pollutants, chemicals, bacteria and viruses, and hardness, it all depends on the source of water. Most common sources of drinking water are rivers, lakes, bore wells, harvested rainwater, piped municipal corporation supply, etc.

It’s also essential to identify the water type. Is the water you drink hard or soft?

Water is classified as soft or hard based on the level of dissolved solids in water. TDS i.e., Total Dissolved Solids is regarded as the degree of hardness, and it is measured in units of PPM (Parts Per Million).


Since the water is transferred to houses organically without any sort of filtration through pipes, it is prone to be contaminated by bacteria, nitrate, dissolved pesticides and lead, which has a lot of side effects on our health. Opt for UV based or RO filtration if the water supplied to your home is high in microbes and contaminants. The UV effect irradiates the water and infiltrates the cells of bacteria and viruses, making them inactive. Later, these organisms diminish and finally die. The RO membrane makes it good enough for consumption by removing these dead germs and contaminants from water.

Determine the type of water purifier you need

After understanding the type of water supplied to your house, it becomes easier for you to determine which type of water purifier will fit your requirements. There are generally three types of water purifiers available in the market RO, UV, and UF. However, RO technology has become so popular that it has become synonymous with water purifiers as you must have heard a lot of people referring to water purifier as RO.

RO purification is generally required when the water supplied to your home has high TDS. If your water supply contains low TDS, you can opt from UV or UF purifiers as well to filter the impurities and kill the virus or bacteria present in your water.

The storage capacity of water purifier

UV and RO filtration are advanced water purification technologies, yet the thing with them is that they need electricity to operate. You should consider the capacity of storage in a water purifier, especially for those areas where power cut issues are prevalent. If you wish to have a continuous supply of purified water, then opt for the model with more storage or go for activated carbon purifiers.

Water pressure

The UV and RO filters need water supply at a specific pressure. When the incoming water flow has less than sufficient force, the RO filter will not work at its best. So if the pressure of water supply to your house is insufficient, you can go for the activated carbon purifier only if the water is soft and less in impurities. However, if the water is high in TDS and contamination, then opting for RO purifier is recommended with an attached pump to the RO filtration unit to boost the pressure.

The brand of the water purifier

When it comes to brands, always go for the reputed water purifier brand. Do your research and choose the company that has some government certification like ISO, CE Certification, NSF Certification, etc.

Compare the water purifiers

Before landing up on your final decision, compare different water purifier. Go around in different stores or check online. Compare them on the basis of price, specification, ratings, and reviews. Find what suits best and get it installed.

After sales service

At times it happens that we choose the right product, but the service followed by it makes it unworthy of it. So this becomes another factor that you should consider before buying a water purifier. Having the right product at hand is important, but the right service is what it takes to maintain it. It is recommended to go for those water purifier manufacturers that offer excellent after sales service.

Change the Filters at Regular Intervals

All the water purifiers work on the same basic rule, where water passes through a removable cartridge that is filled with different filtering medium such as activated charcoal. With time, these filters get clogged due to all the heavy duty work they do. Due to clogged pores, the water does not get filtered efficiently. In order to keep drinking safe water, you ought to follow the instructions about the filter change mentioned by the manufacturer.


The best way to make the right decision while choosing the perfect water purifier for your home or offices; is to determine the source of water and the kind of impurities present in the water supplied. Consider these points before finalizing the purifier for the accurate decision which you can never regret.

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