mineral water plant setup
17Sep 2021

1. How is the team of bottling India (Indian Ion Exchange) working for the water process?

The team of bottling India includes highly skilled, intelligent, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable professionals. They make the process of the packaged drinking water stress-free and easy. They are after introducing and transforming to all the modern technology scenarios and trends.

2. What do you know about packaged drinking water?

Generally, the water from any source is used for drinking after being treated and disinfected. It goes through many processes like filtration, reverse osmosis, UV or Ozone treatment, and more. Once it gets through any of these processes, it is ready for human consumption.

3. What are the aspects of a drinking water plant?

Following are the points assuring complete solutions for a drinking water plant:

  • Flexible and technical specifications
  • Machinery installation with the implementation of new technology
  • Build architecture plan
  • Planning the cost of the entire water plant
  • Maintenance and repair work
  • Industrial and legal approvals
  • Reduction in pollution standard
  • Enhance productivity control

These were certain aspects through which the optimum performance of drinking water is ensured.

4. On what factors does the quality of a mineral water plant depend?

For client satisfaction, some of the most adopted factors include:

  • Components of smartly engineered plant
  • Implementation of cutting-edge technology
  • Adequate Execution and robust planning
  • Installation of plant with proper industrial standards and guidelines
  • Specific measures to assure the durability of the packaged products

The plant opts for the idea of an advanced grade bottling plant that needs to be treated with essential minerals.

5. What is a reverse osmosis water plant?

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a process that separates the dissolved solids and minerals present in water. In this RO water plant technology, the principles of osmosis are used. This technology offers maximum flexibility to meet diverse requirements. For lowering the mineral concentration of raw water, high pressure through a semipermeable membrane is applied.

6. What are the purification steps for the water purifier plants?

When it comes to the purification of the water, the altered requirements are considered the most important ones. The process includes the following four steps.

  • Quality-based filtration is a must to reduce the level of waste and impurities in water
  • RO treatment of water
  • Safe and intelligent boiling solutions for packing the water without preventing cleanliness
  • UV decontamination of water helping to ensure supreme grade water purification

So, a focus on purification and delivery of inventive water purifier plants is necessary.

Aerobic Treatment System

7. Can packaged water be used for a longer time?

Keeping the water clean, purified, filled with minerals, and pure without any contamination is their prime role for any mineral water business plant. The water remains fresh, usable, and away from pollutants for a longer time. Moreover, they provide unconventional bottled water plants, best quality, and techniques, and assure proper maintenance service to keep the water long-lasting.

8. What is the variety of products Bottling India offers?

They offer a wide variety of various products and services. It ranges from RO Industrial System, Mineral Water Turnkey Projects, Technological Innovation, Water Softening Plant, Packaging Machine, and Sewage Treatment Plant. All of these plants are highly maintained with all the care and precautions.

9. What kind of features does a drinking water manufacturing machine contain?

In the water purification and packaged drinking water process, machines play a vital role. One must pay special attention during the installation of a drinking water machine to get the best outcome. The features include:

  • Machine with large capacity for water purification and treatment
  • The latest technology with reliable and optimum performance
  • High-quality material such as stainless steel should be used in manufacturing machines

10. How does the Alkaline Water System work?

Most water purifier plants and industries use the ionizer machine for the filtration and ionization of water. Through this machine, natural antioxidants are produced back to the water. The ions which the ionizer machine creates are natural oxidants. Thus, we get alkaline water through this process, and its system recreates and revitalizes the water with much-needed minerals.

11. Is it safe to consume water from packed plastic bottles?

Yes, it is entirely safe to use plastic bottles for drinking water. All the drinking bottles are naturally sourced. The packaged drinking water bottles seen in the market are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), making them safe for drinking without any harm. As the fertilization of water has taken place many times, it is non-contagious and easily consumable.

12. What makes Bottling India stand unique among all?

First and foremost, they use advanced technology and highly skilled staff to introduce their services to other turnkey projects. Their main aim is to aid in designing, installing, renovating, rectifying, and upgrading water treatment systems. Moreover, the pan country network of dedicated staff uses technical understanding to cater to the needs of their clients in every possible way.

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