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Privacy Policy

Indian Ion Exchange Company Ltd is a company which is committed to protecting the privacy of all its customers. The company doesn’t sell, rent, or loan any information regarding their customers at an individual level to any third party. Any information given to them is kept secure and stored with utmost care. The information regarding customers is collected by the company for the purpose of fulfilling the requirements of the customers and to deliver a truly personalized shopping experience. The information of customers or anything related to them on an individualized level will be given out only to legal authorities or when invoked by law.

On the purchase of any products from IIECL, or on registering with them for any of their services, customers are offered the option of receiving emails with regards the prioritized updates of special offers, newly introduced products and services. Some non-personal and non-individual information, like those related to demographics, may also be shared with marketing partners, advertisers or other third parties for research and promotional purposes. The information will not divulge the identity of the customer, but the product purchased and from what location.

The product specifications, such as packaging and design, of any of the products of the company may be changes with no prior update to customers. Any decision of discontinuation of a product line or single product also lies with the company. The privacy policy is also subject to change with no precedent, solely at the company’s discretion from time to time. In the case of any concerns regarding the privacy of the information supplied to Indian Ion Exchange Company Ltd., write in and the company will get back in no time.

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