R.O Plant Parts

Reverse Osmosis System i.e. RO is one of the ground breaking water purification techniques. It has introduced a new era of revolution in water cleaning and purification sector. Bottling India (Indian ION Exchange) indulges in delivering quality based RO plant installation and auxiliary support. R.O Plant Parts provided by us are appreciated in both domestic and commercial markets.

Our RO installation solutions and spare parts are designed exclusively after understanding varied and industry specific requirements of our clients. This ensures aptness of our reverse osmosis equipment for the targeted marketplaces.

Some of the highlighted features that set our RO parts eminent amongst others include:

  • Adequately designed spare parts for RO plants having variable water purification capacities (5000 L liters to 10, 00,000 liters).
  • Cleaning pumps, RO Biocides & Disinfectants, membrane cleaners and other RO fittings provided by us assure smooth functionality.
  • Durable performance and adequate fitting of the RO parts is our specialty.
  • Our RO parts are constructed vigorously to deliver desired performance.
  • Custom built plants for industrial and domestic RO and UV systems are made available on demand.

Experts at Bottling India work on the theory that reverses osmosis parts need to be designed under cutting edge manufacturing facilities to assure superior performance.  Our proficient engineers are appointed to deal with avant-garde expectations of our targeted client base.

RO technology is evolving fiercely in the water purification sector. It has established new trends of treating water impurities and offer loads of water purification in least possible time. We aim to support this idea of technology through our advanced contribution.

R.O Plant Parts


  • Rahul Gupta

    IIECL’s Ultra-Modern systems are engineered to focus the power of concentrated Ultra Modern Water Plants with proven performance for disinfection and chlorine reduction in Recreational Water Systems worldwide…

    – Mr. Rahul Gupta Patna, Bihar

  • K T Tushar

    IIECL’s Prompt-Services to the Customer for PURE-WATER continues to be the world leader in UV water treatment systems for Industrial & Commercialand Domestic Applications… With an Innovation and Advanced Expertise…(PURE-QUALITY )

    – Mr. K. T. Suthar Pali, rajasthan


  • Kaushik Patel

    We at IIECL (Indian Ion Exchange) do believe in backing solutions with total service support. Outsourcing service, particularly O&M, is helping many of our customers to eliminate hassles of supervision and time on water treatment and to concentrate on their core business….perhaps the Taj Group would find O&M very useful too…

    – Mr. Kaushik Patel

    – Gandhinagar, Gujarat

  • Govind Gohel

    IIECL’s Aquaculture systems have proven unparalleled in performance for over 20 years and have provided a virtually maintenance-free value to customers worldwide…with Fantastic & Break-through progress…in Water Purification Systems &Water Revolution also…

    – Mr. Govind Desaibhai Gohel

    – Anand, Gujarat

  • Aditya Bagadia

    The principles of customer dedication, product quality and reliability are essential in ensuring the purity of water…by I I ECL-Tea m Efforts…

    – MR. Aditya Bagdia Jalna, Maharastra


  • ONGC

    The RO Plant at Indian ION Exchange & Chemical Industries at our South Santhal plant is just ideal for our requirements.

    – R. S. Singh ( Dy. General Manager)

    – ONGC

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