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Get a Perfect Solution for Mineral Water Plant Installation

Restaurants, bars, cafes, corporate offices, event management companies, health care centers, hospitals need server quality water to the visitors. They cannot rely on the third party for the mineral water supply for a long time. They need to look for a company that provides quality installation of the plant. Now there are various factors that should be considered in measuring the quality of the mineral water. In the mineral water business, along with the process of purifying water, the packaging also plays a crucial role. So checking the quality of the plastic used in the packaging also matters. Many institutions and companies prefer to install their own mineral water plant.

Plant Installation

If you are looking for such a company, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

The quality of the water and packaging solution offered by the company:

The best thing would be to go through the previous mineral water plant project report. This will give you a proper idea of the whole process. Along with the process, you can also check other details including the estimation of time and cost.

Experience of the company:

Choosing a company that has a rich industry experience is recommended. Such companies can easily understand the requirements of their clients and cater to it accordingly. Not only they provide services, but also give valuable suggestions that can help you to reduce overall cost ensure error-free mineral water supply.

Technical expertise:

Along with the experience, the company has to be familiar with using advanced technology as per the industry’s standards. This expertise enables them to provide excellent quality service to their clients, renovation, rectification, and upgradation are one of them.

Technical expertise

Quality control:

It also needs to ensure that the company has strict measures of quality control. One has to ensure that whether the company has adequately engineered part of the plan using modern technology or not. The planning and execution also have to be perfect.

After sale service:

If the company is not providing up to the mark after-sale service, then it might create problems in the future. Whether you are looking for water treatment or you need to solve a technical error, if such issues are not addressed on time then it leads to loss of time and money. So before making the final decision, it is essential to find out whether the company has a reliable customer support service or not.

Water sales service

The cost:

If you have time and resources, then you should opt for a market survey. It will prevent you from making any false decision. When you have clarity about the required quality and the cost of the mineral water plant, you can find the best deal. There is no need to go with the cheap offer, and there is also no need to give away a massive amount when the installation can be done at the right price. You can surely compare the estimate given to you by a number of companies.


When you plan for the mineral water business, you should take all these factors into consideration to ensure that you get the best solution. Experience of the company, cost of the project, technical expertise, after sale service, and quality control abilities should be taken into account.

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Wondering How Much a Drinking Water Plant Cost? Get the Answer Here

Settling a bottled water plant is not that easy that it sounds. One needs to collect a lot of information and facts to make a dream come true. Moreover, setting up a startup business requires significant capital as well. Most countries have started building numerous bottle water plants to provide pure water at reasonable prices. This is because the water from natural sources is not fit and hygienic for drinking. One has to come to a step forward to make things a little easier. So, are you thinking of setting up a bottled water plant in town? If yes, then let us have the complete analysis of drinking water plant cost first.

Drinking Water Plant Cost

Let’s talk about the detailed cost of settling up a bottled water plant

  1. Registration of the Business Plan

Preparing a strategy to set up the plant would be the first task to perform. The proper business plan will assist in managing things a little easier. A business plan gives a clear idea of what amount and skills one needs to run a successful business. One has to register the business to government registering authorities. These officials offer a business license and a business name for bottled water production. You may need to hire a lawyer to represent this task in front of the authorities as well. Opting for the most cost-efficient resources would save you with a lot of bucks. So, make the choice worth.

  1. Non-stop Water Supply

Yes! Non-stop water supply is the first need of a bottled water plant. Running water might assist greatly to make things a little easier. This is because a plant might be located far from the natural sources and storing water is not the option. Running water can easily be purified and sanitized to make it fit for drinking. However, situating the drinking water plant close to riverside might be the best choice.

drinking water plant

  1. Water Treatment Facility

Progressing the water through various purifying stages is imperative to maintain the hygiene. Microfiltration & disinfection are the preeminent processes that come into picture subsequently. If the water is collected in chambers, then mineralizing the water becomes necessary. Microfiltration removes the biological components from the water whereas disinfection removes all the infections from it. However, the treatment plant maintains the water quality as well.

  1. Plastic Bottles, Washers & Stuff

Bottling the purified water is the next step to accomplish the production. The bottle washers are vital to clean the bottles and maintain proper hygiene. These washers sanitize the bottles before the packaging process begins. The bottle washer and other stuff might add a great amount to the actual cost of the mineral water plant. However, it is important to get rid of all the toxins and impurities. Labeling the bottles with your registered names is also a part of expenditure. The more a label is attractive and fine, the more will be the chance of better business. Opting for a professional that offers all the stuff at reasonable prices would be the ultimate choice.

Drinking water plant cost

All in all, these were some of the key factors that provide a rough idea about drinking water plant cost. However, designing a website to enhance the business over the web will assist greatly. So, make the choice wisely.

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The Process of Managing Water Quality at Bottled Water Plants

Water is the most essential thing in our life for survival. But, are you drinking the clean water every time? No! These days the water from natural creations contains toxic compounds that make it perilous for drinking. This water is not good for humans, animals, and not even the plants. Thus, most of the countries have introduced bottled water plants to make it hygienic. These plants purify the water by removing toxins and chemicals from it and make it safe for drinking.

Water Bottles

Nowadays, not the rainwater but bottled water is the purest form of water that is safe for drinking. It contains the accurate amount of ions that a human body requires to stay fit and healthy. The water progresses through various stages before entering the bottles. Only after that, the purified water becomes safe for the living being.

Let us discuss the water purification process done by bottled water plants

  1. Inspection & Filtration

The water is carefully supplied from the pipes or well into the storage area. Then the professionals get through the inspection of quality and other harmful compounds in the water. This quality inspection is vital for scrutinizing the aberrations in the water. The water is then supplied through the activated carbon filtration technique to remove excess chlorine and trihalomethane from the water. The filtration process is usually done when the water is taken through public wells. The inspection and filtration of the supplied water are essential to guarantee the safety standards of the bottled water.

  1. Monitoring & Distillation

After the inspection completes, the supplied water comes in monitoring chamber. In these chambers, a softener is added for reducing the hardness of the water. This step is vital for making the water fit for the distillation process. The water treatment plants work on reverse osmosis for demineralization of the water. In this process, most of the unwanted minerals get removed and toxins vanish properly. This process is done repeatedly in the bottled water plants to get all the impurities out of the water.

Pure Water Bottle

  1. Mineralizing & Micro-Filtration

Subsequent to the distillation process, remineralization process comes into play. In which minerals are added in the required amount as per the taste preference of the bottled water plant. Water collected in the chambers is monitored throughout the process for better effects. After that, microfiltration of the water takes place. In this process, even the micron particles from the water get removed in no time.  Microfiltration removes the biological compounds from the water as well.

  1. Disinfection & Packaging

After the microfiltration, disinfection of the water through ultraviolet rays becomes imperative to get clean water. This is the additional purification of the mineralized water. Later on, the ozone disinfection takes place for fully purified water that is ready for packaging. The packaging of the water bottle takes place in a controlled microbiological atmosphere to avoid any impurities. This quality inspection is done under high supervision for better packaging assurance. Only after that, the water gets out of the company.

Mineralized Water

Wrapping Up

The purification of water is not an easy task and a lot of things are to keep in mind while the process goes on. Bottled water plants work on these steps for purifying the water. Maintaining the quality and highest standards as per the customers’ preference always remain the first priority of these water plants.

Bottled Plant Cost

Mineral Water Plant Project Report – The Complete Guide to Establish a Plant

The increasing amount of pollution and global warming has leaded people from many regions of India to rely on bottled water to survive. In fact, in many villages and hilly areas, residents are rapidly switching to bottled water to dodge infections and various diseases. In such a situation, going for mineral water project is the best idea. Apart from making mineral water plant project report, there are many essential things that you should do before the establishment of the plant.

So let’s get to know about how exactly can you set up a full-fledged water plant in India.

Water Plant in India


Packaged Water and Mineral Water are Different Aspects

Many people get confused by thinking mineral water and packaged water as the same thing. Rather, these two aspects are diverse in every possible way and finding the dissimilarities is the best thing to do before entering into the real mineral water business. Packaged water is the process of using borewell water for the purification. The amount of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is removed from the water and makes it consumable. In simple words, the reverse osmosis process is followed to make the bore well water clean and germs free.

Mineral water plant, natural water (spring and mountain) is served in the market. Natural minerals are beneficial for humans and all these minerals such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and many others are added to the regular water.

The Entire Plant Cost

Before, you move any further with your water project, research a few factors, and come across the probable amount of many that you have to spend in the starting months. The cost to be spent on the machinery is one out of numerous expenditure. The expected machinery on which you have to spend may include

Bottled Plant Cost


–   Aluminum Treatment Tanks

–   Reverse Osmosis Plant

–   Chlorination Tank

–   Sand & micro Strain

–   Activated Carbon filter

–   Ultraviolet disinfectant system

–   Electronic Doser for alum & chlorine

–   Ozone Generator

–   Raw and Purified water collection tanks with motor and accessories

–   Automatic rinsing filling and capping machine

However, the machinery may vary from plant to plant and the type of water you are going to use.

Types of License  

Licenses required to set up a mineral water project may vary from region to region. In India, the basic licenses may include- SSIRC (small scale industry registration certificate), business AOA & MOA, BIS certified ISI, pollution control certificate, pest control certificate, and water feed test reports from the laboratory. To ensure that you have every important certificate so that you can protect your project from future issues.

Marketing & Branding

Even if everything is in the place and you have followed each rule, unawareness of your brand can result in a massive loss. It’s crucial to do some promotions from your end so that all and sundry try your water bottles at the highest rate. You can even go for online marketing strategies as well so that you get the global customers in a short period. So start branding and marketing today!

Water Plant



So this is how you can establish your water project in a right way. After successfully setting up your new business, ensure that you maintain regular mineral water plant project report in a better way. So go ahead and get started with your water project right now.

Top Reasons to Invest in the Mineral Water Business

A paramount base to start a business is to invest in something that everyone requires every day such as water. The shortage of water has resulted in the growing demand for purified water all around the world. In India, numerous mineral water business holders have placed their water plants at different locations. You too can materialize your dreams with water plant as a startup business.

Mineral Water Business

For better understanding, let’s check out the below benefits of owning a water business.

  • Increasing Water Demand

As we already know, water is essential for living and the continuously growing population has resulted in a bigger demand for water. There’s not even a 1% grocery store in India where you won’t find water bottles. Moreover, water pollution plays an important role why people are spending a few bucks extra to drink clean and healthy water. To total cost of mineral water, the plant is compensated with every day selling water bottles. Therefore, increasing water demand is the biggest reason to start your water plant for greater profit.

  • High Profit

The amazing part of placing a mineral water business is that the raw material, which is the water, is available for free. You can find non-drinkable water anywhere easily without spending a single penny on it. All you have to do is just drill down the water, place a borehole, and the constant water supply to your plant is what you can expect to have. Labels, caps, and bottles are the only material you need and you can easily find it in the marketplace. The big amount you are going to invest in the initial set up cost only and you will earn a huge profit in the long-term period. Hence, the possibilities of a higher profit are there in this business. So, go for it and get the most out of water plant business.

Mineral Water Business

  • Employment Opportunities

It’s obvious that you would need a huge team of employees on the upper and lower level. Therefore, the people of the local area will have this opportunity to work at your plant and improve their livings. However, a large portion of water purification involves a lot of machine work but there are a few tasks that cane done manually. Cleaning, sanitizing the bottles, loading water into the vehicle, and distributing it to the stores are the tasks that require manual work. Additionally, it requires a person to generate mineral water plant project report for you. Therefore, starting a water business is not just for you but also for those who are seeking one chance to earn money.

  • Health Awareness

There was a time when people used to drink normal water from their taps. The big fat industrial area has resulted in the involvement of toxins into the water. Various diseases like dehydration, thyroid, and obesity are the reasons why everyone is switching to bottled water.  In order to avoid such diseases, people are using mineral water to stay healthy and hearty. Hence, you are providing a better living style to the nation.

Mineral Water Business


One must have a plan on the side before making a decision to start your mineral water business. It is necessary to get familiar with every norm of establishing a business. So, whenever you decide to get started with your water plant, make sure that everything is at its place so that you don’t face any issues in the future.

mineral water plant

Relevant questions to ask before opening a mineral water plant business

When thinking about starting a new business venture, there are a few important questions that you need to answer.

Things like:

         *   How much is the initial amount I need to invest?

         *   Where and when I am going to establish my new business?

         *   What are the risk factors?

         *   What is the profit margin?

         *   How to minimize these risk factors?

         *   How much is the return on investment?

         *   Who is my target market?

         *   And more…

You have to find answers to these important questions before you even start in your planning process to make sure everything is ironed out and will run smoothly as well as to minimize your risks to errors and mistakes.

mineral water plant

One best way to do this is to do a thorough research first, check the current mineral water plant project report, and seek advice from a professional business consultant. Let us discuss some of these questions below.

How much is the initial amount I need to invest?

The initial amount that you need to invest in the cost of mineral water plant depends upon the size and the type of the plant that you want to establish. You may want to build a small water bottle filling station or a full-scale water plant that produces water in pouches, bottles, and jars.
Water purification plant cost normally includes the cost of machinery and equipment. Aside from the plant cost, you also have to invest for the construction and interior cost, ISI consultation cost, ISI License & other Government License expenditure, cost of utilities, and bottles and packaging cost, among others.

What are the Risk Factors?

There are many ways your business can go the wrong way. Some of the primary risk factors, though, are mismanagement, supplies related issues, lack of proper documentation, the absence of proper planning, wrong marketing strategies, and hiring the wrong person or doing everything on your own.

Water purification plant

How to minimize these risk factors?

Although there is no single business that is totally risk-free, you can minimize the risks

*   By doing advanced research

*   By educating yourself about the ins and outs of the business

*   By keeping an eye on the latest developments and news in the industry that can greatly affect your business

*   By hiring the right people for the specific positions and providing them the best tools that allow them to execute their jobs well

*   By creating a comprehensive and detailed step by step execution plan

*   By picking the best supplier and closely working and coordinating with them

*   By properly delegating tasks and making sure that there is someone in charge of every critical part of the business

How much is the return on investment?

Based on the latest mineral water project report, a typical mineral water business can have as much as 30% annual return on investment or ROI. That only means that you can be able to earn back your initial investment is as early as 3.5 years, provided that your business runs smoothly.

Where and when I am going to establish my new business?

Today is the best time to establish your new mineral water plant business. As for the location, you need to pick an area that is accessible and easy to reach.

If possible, look for areas where there is a scarcity of clean potable drinking water and where people need to travel a few kilometers just to buy bottled mineral water. An area with only a few water refilling stations with large target market is also a nice location for a new water plant business.

Mineral & Packaged Drinking Water

Are Packaged Drinking Water And Mineral Water The Same

Are the packaged drinking water and mineral water the same? Although these two types of water are both safe for drinking, they differ in many ways. Here are some of the major differences between packaged drinking water and mineral water.

Just like air, water is also a very important element that all living things including the human beings, animals, and plants need to survive. Water is indeed essential to life. Without it, there will be no life at all. Gone were the days when we can directly drink from a natural water spout or from faucets without worrying about getting ill due to some water-borne diseases.  Because of industrialization and pollution, today’s tap water is no longer safe for drinking. That is why many people in India and in different parts of the world now prefer drinking packaged drinking water or mineral water despite being more expensive than tap water.


You might have already heard about packaged drinking water and mineral water. But the big question is that do you think these two are the same or not? The truth is, although these two types of water are both safe for drinking, they differ in many ways. Let us take a look at some of the major differences between packaged drinking water and mineral water.

Defining packaged drinking water and mineral water

Before identifying their differences, let us first define what is packaged drinking water and what is mineral water.

Packaged drinking water is a drinking water that has been sourced out by the packaged drinking water plant from a spring water, well, or drilled water source and has gone through a distillation process. After the process, the water is packaged in either plastic or glass water bottles and then sealed to ensure it remains highly potable and safe for drinking.

Packaged and Mineral Drinking Water

Mineral water is a drinking water with minerals and other dissolved substances in it like gases, sulfur compounds, and salts. It may contain natural minerals or artificial minerals which are added to the water with the use of Drops of Balance.

Major differences between packaged drinking water and mineral water


The taste of the mineral water is distinct from that of a packaged drinking water. Because of its mineral content, mineral water has a taste that is the same as that of a fresh natural water. On the other hand, the taste of the packaged drinking water can vary according to the quality of its source, treatment method used, and natural mineral content. In most cases, though, packaged mineral water has the same taste as that of a tap water.

Filtration and treatment

There are various treatment methods that bottled water plants use to eliminate microbial hazards. These methods include electromagnetic radiation, purification processes like water distillation, filtration, and sedimentation, chemical processes chlorination and flocculation, and biological processes.

Drinking Water

Mineral water goes through a natural process of filtration and coagulation. It is treated with Aluminum Sulfate or other sulfate minerals. Whilst, the packaged drinking water is chemically filtered and chemically treated, most often through chlorination.


Packaged drinking water usually goes through a series of processes in order to completely eliminate all the contaminants from the water. This is why it is relatively more expensive as compared to the artificially treated bottled mineral water and to tap water. The ro plant cost for packaged water is also higher than that of the mineral water.

On the other end, the mineral water is more affordable than packaged drinking water regardless of whether it is naturally or artificially treated.