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Evaluating the Setup

Mineral Water Plant Setup at Small Scale: Process and Costing

In India, whenever anyone thinks to set up a business with a small investment, mineral water plant comes to mind. Water always remains the most precious substance that a living being needs to stay alive and active. Now, if we think by a young entrepreneur’s mind, then the business has many opportunities. Corporate people and families who give importance to health always drink mineral water and hence looking at the population once can earn enough and take it from small to large scale as well.

Evaluating the Setup

In India, one can establish a mineral water plant setup if with a proper plan and a bit of patience. The installation is one in two ways – evaluating the cost and setting up the plant.

By the end, you will have a fair idea of setting up the plant and a good estimate of the cost.

Here we go!

Part 1 – Evaluating the Setup

*  Very first, water is the source of your business, and so there should be enough of it. Consider a land that provides you with enough water such as if there is any bore well nearby.

*  You can consider TDS as a second factor, and you can move further on purchasing the land if it has a satisfactory level of TDS.

*  Next, you can establish the water plant on the land that is near to a water resource and has a right amount of TDS. 5,000 sq ft will be pretty good for beginners to get started.

*  Get a no objection certificate or NOC certificate from the local government of the town so you will not face any real estate issues in future.

*  Once you get the NOC and an approved building plan for the water plant, it is time to visit the electricity department.

*  Once all these aspects are ready, it is time to call the civil engineer. Discuss the mineral water plant project with your RO plant vendor and engineer. Employ the required team such as an engineer, a microbiologist, and other members.

*  The next few months, you will be handling the construction work. This stage is about opting the building’s structure along with the biological and a chemical lab.

Part 2 – Evaluating the Cost

Next part is about evaluating the mineral water plant project cost. Well, the pricing system depends on some factors here-

*  The first aspect is LPH or Liters per Hour, for small-scale business, you may start with 3000 LPH. By the time, when you start getting profit, you may increase the plant’s capacity for 5,000 LPH or more.

*  Another cost factor is the number of employees you hire and the tools and resources you use. The possible resources can be:

*  Treatment Tanks

*  Activated Carbon filter

*  Reverse Osmosis Plant

*  Chlorination tanks made of S. Steel

*  Sand filter

*  Micron filters

*  Ultraviolet disinfection system, etc.

*  If you need automatic water filling system or manual.

Evaluating the Cost

Final Thoughts

Mineral water plant setup can be a fantastic business strategy in India, and the factors mentioned above will help you with that. Set up depends on your preferences and how small or big filter plant you need. The cost comes later based on the choices you make in the setup part.

Water Bottles

The Process of Managing Water Quality at Bottled Water Plants

Water is the most essential thing in our life for survival. But, are you drinking the clean water every time? No! These days the water from natural creations contains toxic compounds that make it perilous for drinking. This water is not good for humans, animals, and not even the plants. Thus, most of the countries have introduced bottled water plants to make it hygienic. These plants purify the water by removing toxins and chemicals from it and make it safe for drinking.

Water Bottles

Nowadays, not the rainwater but bottled water is the purest form of water that is safe for drinking. It contains the accurate amount of ions that a human body requires to stay fit and healthy. The water progresses through various stages before entering the bottles. Only after that, the purified water becomes safe for the living being.

Let us discuss the water purification process done by bottled water plants

  1. Inspection & Filtration

The water is carefully supplied from the pipes or well into the storage area. Then the professionals get through the inspection of quality and other harmful compounds in the water. This quality inspection is vital for scrutinizing the aberrations in the water. The water is then supplied through the activated carbon filtration technique to remove excess chlorine and trihalomethane from the water. The filtration process is usually done when the water is taken through public wells. The inspection and filtration of the supplied water are essential to guarantee the safety standards of the bottled water.

  1. Monitoring & Distillation

After the inspection completes, the supplied water comes in monitoring chamber. In these chambers, a softener is added for reducing the hardness of the water. This step is vital for making the water fit for the distillation process. The water treatment plants work on reverse osmosis for demineralization of the water. In this process, most of the unwanted minerals get removed and toxins vanish properly. This process is done repeatedly in the bottled water plants to get all the impurities out of the water.

Pure Water Bottle

  1. Mineralizing & Micro-Filtration

Subsequent to the distillation process, remineralization process comes into play. In which minerals are added in the required amount as per the taste preference of the bottled water plant. Water collected in the chambers is monitored throughout the process for better effects. After that, microfiltration of the water takes place. In this process, even the micron particles from the water get removed in no time.  Microfiltration removes the biological compounds from the water as well.

  1. Disinfection & Packaging

After the microfiltration, disinfection of the water through ultraviolet rays becomes imperative to get clean water. This is the additional purification of the mineralized water. Later on, the ozone disinfection takes place for fully purified water that is ready for packaging. The packaging of the water bottle takes place in a controlled microbiological atmosphere to avoid any impurities. This quality inspection is done under high supervision for better packaging assurance. Only after that, the water gets out of the company.

Mineralized Water

Wrapping Up

The purification of water is not an easy task and a lot of things are to keep in mind while the process goes on. Bottled water plants work on these steps for purifying the water. Maintaining the quality and highest standards as per the customers’ preference always remain the first priority of these water plants.

Mineral water

What Goes Into Establishing a Mineral Water Business?

Water is the most essential resource for sustaining life. It is known that the 70% surface of the earth is covered with water. But, only 2.5% of that water is fresh. Obviously, that is not an ideal situation in any case.

Mineral Water Business

The need for fresh and drinkable water is on a rise, thus the need for mineral water plants. These plants help process impurity ridden water through a number of stages until it becomes fit for drinking. So investing in mineral water business is not a bad idea, as the demand for mineral water is more than ever which, in turn, will bring you benefits manifold.

Contemplating about how to start a mineral water business? Do not worry, we have got you covered.

        *  Market Research: First things first! Whenever thinking of starting a mineral water plant, you need to start with a market research. And, owing to the complexities of the project, it is always better to seek professional help. Market research will help in knowing the cost of mineral water plant, the resources required and the area perimeters one would require to set up a mineral water plant.

It is advised to outsource a mineral water plant setup company so that you can get through the process in an easier and a convenient way.

        *  Devising A Business Plan: Next comes the business plan. This plan incorporates the costing requirements, the resource requirements, the marketing strategy, and the equipment costing requirements, staff requirements, management plans and deciding upon the location where you wish to start your mineral water plant.

        *  License and Permit: Obtaining a license is the most important part of starting a legalized mineral water plant. You need to take permits from your state’s authority in order to start an uninterrupted business.

        *  Look for an Equipment Supplier: The equipment required to set up a mineral water plant must be efficient and with in-built up-to-date technology. Thus looking for reliable and reputed suppliers becomes important. An array of equipment is required to set up a mineral water plant such as generators, purification systems, filters, tanks, conveyors, water disinfectants, bottle loaders, capping systems and even water filling machines.

water filling machines


Outsourcing an equipment supplier becomes important so that all your equipment can be incorporated and servicing can be done easily without any issues. Also, an equipment supplier would submit the mineral water project report, which would include everything from the structural outline of the project to the maintenance needs of the equipment installed.

        *  A dedicated Staff: Staffing is another important requirement for starting a mineral water plant. Staff in innumerable numbers is required for proper functioning of a water purification plant. Post the appointment, the staff needs to be trained as well so that they can perform their respective duties effectively as well as efficiently.

        *  Marketing: Once your facility has been established and everything is in place, you need to do marketing, so that your packaged water can make its place in the market. Go with advertising your product on TV or in newspapers in order to increase your sales and profits in the coming time.

Mineral water


Looking at what goes into establishing a mineral water business, you must be aware by now about the process and the requirements needed to initiate a business plan. Go through all the requirements in detail before kick-starting your mineral water plant business, so that you can toil through an organized plan to make things work out.

bottle Water

Mineral water business in India: Things to consider

As the demand for bottled drinking mineral water continuously grows over the years, the number of mineral water businesses also increase. This gives aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own mineral water plant project. If you are thinking of starting your own mineral water business in India, it is wise to consider these factors first before making the final decision.

Mineral water business is one of the most feasible business opportunities in India right now. With the growing level of health and environmental awareness not only in India but also in the entire world in general, more and more people are now willing to spend more for their health and wellness. This includes drinking mineral water instead of the typical tap water.

Mineral water business

As the demand for bottled drinking mineral water continuously grows over the years, the number of mineral water businesses also increase. However, despite this growing number, the supply of bottled water in the market is still not enough to meet the demand of the consumers. This gives aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own mineral water plant project.

Here are a few things that you need to consider before starting with your mineral water plant setup.

Return on investment

When starting a new business, one of the major elements that you need to determine is how much is the return on investment or ROI. Most of the existing mineral water business in India that runs professionally and smoothly have an average ROI of around 30 percent per year.

Water source

You need to give careful attention to the source of water. Where are you going to get the water you will use for your plant. Is such water source safe for drinking or does it have a high concentration of toxic chemicals? Will you buy water from the local provider or will you dig your own borehole and have an unlimited supply of water? Carefully identify and analyze all your possible options before making a decision.

Packaging suppliers

When it comes to packaging suppliers, you have a range of options to choose from. Since the bottled water industry in India is constantly growing, you can also expect that the number of packaging suppliers also increases. You just have to be keen in choosing the right supplier who can provide you with enough number of bottles or packaging solution for your plant’s specific needs on a regular basis.

bottle Water

It is also better to have at least one back up supplier so that you can still have a steady supply of bottles and other packaging materials in case your primary supplier fail to deliver the expected quantity and quality of packaging materials.


In any business, regardless of size and type, location is everything. Make sure that the location of your mineral water plant is easily accessible. As much as possible, get a location that is just nearby the main road. Consider the transportation cost when transporting your products to the local market. The more accessible your location is, the lower your transportation cost will be.

Mineral water plant project cost

One of the major factors that you need to keep an eye on when setting up an advanced grade mineral water plant is the cost. The mineral water plant project cost varies according to various factors. These factors typically include the engineering, interior or construction cost, the capacity or size of the plant, ISI consultation cost, the quality and number of equipment and equipment needed, the type of plant, government license expenditure, and utility costs, to name a few.

It is important that you understand and consider all these critical things in detail before setting up a mineral water plant.

Mineral Water Business

Why invest in a mineral water business?

With all the other business opportunities to choose from, why invest in a mineral water business? There are many good reasons why a mineral water business is considered as one of the most viable business opportunities in India today. Here are a few reasons why.

Water is life. It is essential for the survival of all living things including plants, animals, and human beings. However, there are also times when water becomes the cause of fatality and problems. Too much flood water, for instance, can cause destructions to properties, livelihood, businesses, and community. It can even result in death. Another example is consuming contaminated water which can cause a myriad of health problems including loss bowel movements or diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever, and other water-borne diseases.

Mineral Water

The current situation of our water supply

Industrialization and modernization have provided us with the chance to live a more exciting, interesting, and convenient life. The bad thing is, they likewise pollute and damage our nature including our water source. This is one of the primary reasons why a large percentage of the water supply we have in India is contaminated not only with various dirt and bacteria but also with different kinds of harmful chemicals components.

The current generation’s tap water is no longer as potable as it was a few decades ago. Today, you cannot just get a glass of water to drink directly from the faucet without worrying about getting ill. There are even times when the water that comes out from the faucet is visibly dirty and sometimes it smells bad.

Why invest in a mineral water business?

With all the other business opportunities to choose from, why invest in a mineral water business? You may ask. Well, there are many reasons why a lot of entrepreneurs now choose to jump into this business arena. Some of these reasons are as follows:

– With the widespread knowledge and consciousness about the detrimental effects of consuming contaminated and polluted tap water, more and more people prefer to use only bottled mineral water for drinking and even for cooking.

–  Mineral water plant setup is quite simple nowadays. Unlike during the old days, you can now find various companies that offer easy to set up mineral water plant project. Finding suppliers for the equipment and materials like the bottles is likewise easier these days.

– You do not have to be a millionaire to start your own mineral water business. Many companies and suppliers provide a flexible mineral water plant project costmaking it affordable not only to large entities but also to startup entrepreneurs.

Bottled Mineral Water

– The demand for bottled mineral water has dramatically increased during the past few years and it is expected to grow even more in the coming years as more people realize the importance of consuming only clean and safe drinking water.

– The cost of running a mineral water plant project is quite low while the ROI is quite high. You only need a few staff, a good bottle container supplier, a safe area for your setup, and a drilled water supply. This makes it one of the most viable businesses today.

People are now willing to invest in their health and wellness. The mortality rate in the country is increasing and people who get affected by serious health problems are getting younger and younger. For instance, high blood pressure and heart attack used to affect only people in their late 40’s, but now even a few months old infant may suffer from such conditions. People are now more health conscious. They are willing to spend a large portion of their earnings for health and wellness products including food supplements, and clean bottled drinking water.

mineral water plant cost

Things To Know About Mineral Water Plant

When people hear the words “mineral water”, they usually think of the water that is coming from various natural springs which are believed to have curative and medicinal value. Today, although natural mineral water still contains some dissolved medicinal properties, it is no longer as potable as it was a couple of decades ago because of the presence of harmful microorganisms, bacteria, and toxic substances.

The demand for bottled mineral water in India is continuously increasing. As the water sources become more contaminated with various kinds of toxic materials, people realize the need to buy bottled mineral drinking water.

If you are planning to start a business in India, investing in a mineral water plant is a good idea. Bottled mineral water is considered as one of the most profitable businesses in India today. No wonder why a lot of entrepreneurs are getting interested in starting their own mineral water plant.


cost of water plant machinery

Here are some things that you need to know before starting your business.

Market Research

Before starting, you should do a market research targeting your local market first in order for you to know further the major things that are involved in the business. Through market research, you will be able to identify an ideal type of packaged drinking water to produce, the best location, and the most appropriate price for each product.

Business Plan

You should also have a profitable mineral water plant set up a business plan. Your business plan will serve as the backbone of your business. It should include your legal procedures, financial projection, management team, marketing strategy, and staff pattern.

mineral water plant

Machinery and Other Accessories

For the machinery and other accessories, you can either hire them or perhaps arrange a long-term lease agreement. If your budget allows, you can also consider buying them. Some of the items that you need are as follows:

  • Generator set
  • Raw water pump
  • Micron filtration system
  • Ultraviolet system water storage tanks
  • Water filling machines
  • Water treatment machines and filters (including the activated carbon filter, and sand filter)
  • Conveyors, sealers and bottle loaders (Automatic bottle Rinsing, filling and Capping line)
  • Softener
  • Water sterilizers and dispensers
  • Enough number of delivery trucks

Mineral Water Plant Setup Cost

bottled water plant

One of the major things that you need to consider when starting a business is the cost of setting up the mineral water plant. The cost may vary from time to time depending on the location and size of plant you will setup. Here are a few items that are included in the mineral water plant setup cost.

  • Land and site development
  • Water plant and machinery
  • Technical know-how and engineering
  • Building
  • Contingencies
  • Other misc. fixed assets
  • Margin money for working capital
  • Preliminary and preoperative expenses

You do not need to have a very spacious land for your water plant. If you have a land that measures around 2,000 square feet, you can already set up your own water plant. Those that are listed above are just the common items that are included in the mineral water plant setup cost.

water purification