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Manufacturing process

Factors to Consider for Hiring Company for Packaged Drinking Water Plant Installation

Installing a drinking water plant requires a combination of many skill set. Not every company making such claims is reliable. Experience, technical knowledge, service quality, and maintenance are some of the basic things that one should look for in a company.

If you are looking forward to installing drinking water plant or you want a proper installation of packaged drinking water plant, then you should look for a company that offers you best in class solution. There are several factors you should consider before making the final decision.

Why should you prefer an experienced company?

An experienced company knows how to deal with the unique requirement of its customers. They have been in the business for years, and it means that they have worked on many projects. With each project, giving proper solutions to the different requirement is their expertise. Their professionals can give you better suggestions once they inspect the site and these suggestions are vital to maintaining the quality of the installation and also for cost-effectiveness.

Water sales service

A reputed company has references to give:

If the company has been in the industry for sufficient time, then it must have worked with many brands. You should visit the website and check whether the company has mentioned their few clients or not. Not only that but you should check out reviews and ratings given to the company’s services on various online platforms. More positive reviews indicate that the company is reliable.

What are their Installation techniques?

The manufacturing process has to be advanced. Not all the company can acquire the latest equipment as they are costly and demands huge investment. Companies that have worked on enough projects have such equipment and at the same time can provide their services at affordable prices. When the plant is installed with state-of-the-art technology, it remains low maintenance throughout its long lifespan.

Why is maintenance important?

Once the plant is installed carefully, it needs maintenance, just like any other engineered machinery. The company that offers installation of a packaged drinking water plant should be good at giving regular maintenance. Maintenance keeps the parts of the machinery in proper working condition and reduces the risk of wearing and corrosion. Maintaining the quality of drinking water would be your top priority and regular maintenance is essential for that. You should look for a company that offers you the best post-installation services.

Manufacturing process

Do they have a team of qualified professionals?

A team of a qualified technician is an asset of the company. You should check whether the company has a team of such professionals. They know how to install plant considering all the necessary factors to increases the plant’s efficiency and at the same time keep the cost to the minimum.


Various companies install a drinking water plant. However, to find a reliable one you should consider the factors mentioned above. You should check the company’s experience, their service quality, their previous clients, whether they use advanced installation method or not, etc. When it comes to drinking water, many standards must be maintained. The rules and regulations of government are stringent when it comes to the drinking water plant, which is also one of the reasons you should hire a reputed company that offers a quality solution. You can even compare the cost provided by various companies and see which one offers you the best deal.

Potable Wate

Packaged Drinking Water Plant- Rejuvenating Potable Water Supply in India

India’s water quality is clearly visible from the figure that states 75.8 million people are drinking contaminated water. With such a great number, one cannot overlook the issue of reducing clean water.

With this emerging problem, one can clearly see the growing demand for a clean and incomparable beverage called water. Hence, setting up a packaged drinking water plant is the wisest thing to do here. Still in doubt? Then, consider the reasons mentioned here on why you should start the business of packaged drinking water.

Why Should I Set up Packaged Drinking Water Plant?

Undoubtedly, the business will make you fly high because it’s not only about people with limited access to clean water. In fact, most of India’s population has become health conscious. So, this another group also prefer packaged mineral water over the tap water. Whether it’s an office, restaurant, or any occasion, packaged water is the ideal beverage for quenching people’s thirst. Even while traveling, people choose to buy the packaged bottled water instead of filling the bottle from any local tap.

Besides personal use, if seen from the industrial point of view, the water treatment plant is the ideal solution. Ranging from machine cleaning to products manufacturing, water is the most pivotal element in the industrial sector. With more than 80% of the supply sector depending on clean water, one cannot ignore the need for a water treatment plant in the factories. So, all those businessmen, who are aiming to reduce their losses and earn good amount of profit in long-run, should consider setting up the water treatment plant in their location.

Drinking Water


What are the Standard Features of Water Plant?

Packaged Drinking Water Plant in India are made and set up as per the BIS Standards. Prepared with stainless and mild steel, the water plants are made up according to the quality of raw water. Moreover, the plant providing industries also ensure that all the essential and latest equipment needed for the final and reliable product are handed over at the time of plant-installation only.

Additionally, it’s a huge investment and a slight mistake can bring havoc results. Therefore, it becomes essential to collect some vital piece of information illustrating the standard features of a water plant.

Adhere to BIS and WHO Guidelines

The plants are designed and developed after passing through the BIS AND WHO guidelines. Moreover, these plants have to maintain and follow hygiene practices recommended internationally for the Packaged drinking water collection, series of processing activities, and marketing.

Embedded Filters

One of the most important components in the water treatment plant is a filter. Required for various purposes, there are different filters, which are installed in the machine.

Commencing with the Carbon filters, they have excellent absorbing quality. That’s why a special location is allotted to them in the machine. Made from hard coconut shell, the filters are reusable and easy to wash. Some of the other must-filters in drinking water plant include micron and sand filters.

Supply Water Disinfectant Systems

Before investment, also check that the system has special guards against the waterborne infection. This is essential for the effective cleaning and packaging of drinking water.

Add Ozone Generators in Plant

Simple in working, the ozone generators along with moisture separator and air filter must be provided in the plant so that automatic oxygen is supplied for keeping the area mold or bacteria-free.

Polished and Sealed Plant

Ensure that there are no internal joints in the plant. In addition, to avoid the bacterial growth, make sure that the plant is sealed, fabricated, and mirror polished.

Besides all the above standard features, the plant should also have a PLC system to regulate the machine ’s rinsing and backwashing operations.

How will I Benefit from Drinking Package Water?

Drinking Package Water


Although water is regarded as an indispensable element next to air, one cannot ignore the fact that more than half of the health threats originate from water only. Responsible for causing diseases like liver infections and jaundice, people have become cautious while selecting and drinking it.  Keeping up with this, they are turning more towards the packaged drinking water because of its several benefits.

Adequate Minerals

Everyone knows that water must have defined amount of minerals to be called as healthy and potable water. Holding the same notion, the Packaged Drinking Water Plant assure to maintain the set count of minerals in the water alongside its purification.

Bone Health Maintenance

Many experts claim that after the menopause stage, the mineral water ensures the appropriate density of bones in women.

Less Chance of Kidney Stone

One cannot deny the fact that 90% of the kidney stone problem arises from tap water comprising an excess amount of calcium oxalate and magnesium. And, packaged mineral water removes all these surplus quantities of calcium and magnesium, thus making the water healthy!

packaged mineral water


Professional Advice

During the search for the best Packaged Drinking Water Plant, don’t compromise the quality of the services and other equipment by emphasizing more on the aspect of pricing. This way, you will not only have a durable plant in your factory but at the same time will provide quality water for drinking thus, increasing people’s trust in your product!

bottled water

Advantages of putting up a new drinking water plant business

The packaged drinking water business is one of the most profitable business opportunities available today. If you are looking for a business opportunity to invest into, putting up a packaged drinking water plant is an excellent idea. Here are a few things that will tell you why investing in a drinking water plant is a great idea.

The packaged drinking water business is one of the most profitable business opportunities available today. The water that we can take straight from our faucets at home is no longer potable and safe for drinking. For safer drinking water, people usually turn to bottled mineral and purified water which are widely available in the market.

packaged drinking water

If you are looking for a business opportunity to invest into, putting up a packaged drinking water plant is an excellent idea. Here are a few things that will tell you why investing in a drinking water plant is a great idea.

Widespread health awareness and consciousness help the bottling water industry to grow

As the number of people who are getting more health conscious and are aware of the importance of using clean water for drinking and for everyday hygiene use increases, the demand for bottled drinking water also continually grow.

People nowadays choose to spend more on things that can help them stay healthy from health supplements to healthy beverages. They are also willing to shed extra money for bottled water than getting affected by obesity, dehydration, and water-borne diseases like typhoid, dysentery, Cholera, and Guinea worm disease due to consumption of contaminated water.

High demand for bottled water offers lower risk for loss

With water being one of the basic commodities, it is an indispensable part of life. Its importance to survival and to our daily lives is incomparable with any other beverages you can ever think of.

bottled water

In the last few years, the demand for bottled water has drastically increased most especially in areas where potable water is so limited or is extremely scarce no matter what happens. And the demand is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. The high demand gives you a lower risk for loss and bankruptcy.

Water business offers quick return on investment

The initial drinking water plant cost depends on different factors like the location and size of the plant. You can get the return of your investment in 3 years or more depending on these factors as well. Most small-scale plants are able to get their return on investment in 3 years.

Water business offers high profit margin

Water is the primary raw material used in a bottling water plant. You can purchase water from your local water supply provider at a very low cost. You can also get it free by drilling your own borehole where you can pump and extract the water you need for your bottling plant. You just have to initially put up a certain amount for the drilling and pumping equipment and once you already have a borehole, you can then enjoy an unlimited supply of water which is available for free.

However, before attempting to create your own borehole, make sure that you run water analysis first and make sure that the water you can get from it is clean and safe enough for consumption. If it is highly contaminated, it is better not to push through it as you may likely need to spend more for cleaning the water than when you buy it from your local supplier.

Regardless of whether you get your raw material from a local supplier or from a borehole, the fact remains that water is not as expensive as the raw materials used in any other types of beverage production businesses. The containers and other packaging materials are also relatively cheap. Needless to say, that a water plant business offers a very high profit margin.

Mineral & Packaged Drinking Water

Are Packaged Drinking Water And Mineral Water The Same

Are the packaged drinking water and mineral water the same? Although these two types of water are both safe for drinking, they differ in many ways. Here are some of the major differences between packaged drinking water and mineral water.

Just like air, water is also a very important element that all living things including the human beings, animals, and plants need to survive. Water is indeed essential to life. Without it, there will be no life at all. Gone were the days when we can directly drink from a natural water spout or from faucets without worrying about getting ill due to some water-borne diseases.  Because of industrialization and pollution, today’s tap water is no longer safe for drinking. That is why many people in India and in different parts of the world now prefer drinking packaged drinking water or mineral water despite being more expensive than tap water.


You might have already heard about packaged drinking water and mineral water. But the big question is that do you think these two are the same or not? The truth is, although these two types of water are both safe for drinking, they differ in many ways. Let us take a look at some of the major differences between packaged drinking water and mineral water.

Defining packaged drinking water and mineral water

Before identifying their differences, let us first define what is packaged drinking water and what is mineral water.

Packaged drinking water is a drinking water that has been sourced out by the packaged drinking water plant from a spring water, well, or drilled water source and has gone through a distillation process. After the process, the water is packaged in either plastic or glass water bottles and then sealed to ensure it remains highly potable and safe for drinking.

Packaged and Mineral Drinking Water

Mineral water is a drinking water with minerals and other dissolved substances in it like gases, sulfur compounds, and salts. It may contain natural minerals or artificial minerals which are added to the water with the use of Drops of Balance.

Major differences between packaged drinking water and mineral water


The taste of the mineral water is distinct from that of a packaged drinking water. Because of its mineral content, mineral water has a taste that is the same as that of a fresh natural water. On the other hand, the taste of the packaged drinking water can vary according to the quality of its source, treatment method used, and natural mineral content. In most cases, though, packaged mineral water has the same taste as that of a tap water.

Filtration and treatment

There are various treatment methods that bottled water plants use to eliminate microbial hazards. These methods include electromagnetic radiation, purification processes like water distillation, filtration, and sedimentation, chemical processes chlorination and flocculation, and biological processes.

Drinking Water

Mineral water goes through a natural process of filtration and coagulation. It is treated with Aluminum Sulfate or other sulfate minerals. Whilst, the packaged drinking water is chemically filtered and chemically treated, most often through chlorination.


Packaged drinking water usually goes through a series of processes in order to completely eliminate all the contaminants from the water. This is why it is relatively more expensive as compared to the artificially treated bottled mineral water and to tap water. The ro plant cost for packaged water is also higher than that of the mineral water.

On the other end, the mineral water is more affordable than packaged drinking water regardless of whether it is naturally or artificially treated.

drinking water plant project

Why Should You Invest In Drinking Water Plant Business?

The water production business is known as one of the most profitable businesses today. If you are dreaming about starting a drinking water plant business in India, now is the best time for you to materialize your dream. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a drinking water plant business.

Nowadays, most people living the city or even in villages in India prefer drinking purified mineral water over tap water because of a variety of reasons. One of the primary reasons is that bottled mineral water is safer than tap water.

Packaged drinking water

As you observe, more and more entrepreneurs are getting interested in opening their own mineral water plant. As a proof, you can now see numerous brands of bottled mineral water in the market, not to mention the increasing number of different water refilling stations all throughout the country. There are many reasons why the mineral water business is continuously growing. Some of the major reasons are as follows:

Health consciousness and awareness

Many people in India are now getting aware of the negative effects of drinking contaminated water to their health and wellness. They are now becoming more watchful in what they drink and eat.

clean water treatment Plant Project

Water is one of the main carriers of different kinds of ailments especially of water-borne diseases such as guinea worm disease, dysentery, typhoid, typhoid, and other types of diarrheal diseases. The increasing awareness in health consciousness among Indians encourages people to stay on the safe side by drinking only bottled mineral water.

Increasing water demand

Everyone needs water and no one can’t live without it. Water is essential for survival. With the continuous growth in the number of people who are getting aware of the health risks of consuming dirty water, people are now more willing to spend a little more for safe drinking water than to save a few Indian rupees by consuming unsafe tap water. A drinking water plant business is very profitable because the demand for bottled mineral water is constantly increasing day after day.

drinking water plant project
High-profit margin

The drinking water treatment plant cost greatly vary according to the size of the plant you are planning to put up. The good thing about this type of business is that the raw material which is the water is readily available for free. You just have to drill and set up a borehole and you can expect a steady and free water supply for your plant. The other production materials you need like labels, bottles, and caps can easily be found in the marketplace.

Although you need to invest thousands of Indian rupees for the initial drinking water plant project cost, you will enjoy high-profit margin, in the long run, thus making this type of business very lucrative.

Open employment opportunities for the locals

Aside from the high profit margin, what makes this business so fulfilling is the fact that you can open employment opportunities in your locality. It is so fulfilling to help other people earn a decent income for their own families.

drinking water plant project

Although a large portion of the bottled water production process involves machine works, you still need some manual labor. You cannot run a mineral water plant alone. You will need help from a few people to keep your business run smoothly. Among the tasks that require manual works are cleaning and sanitizing the containers or bottles, loading the distribution or delivery trucks, distributing the finished products, operating the machines, quality control, and more.

Plant Project

Why Should You Drink Only Packaged Drinking Water In India?

We need water for survival. However, how can we be able to survive if the water we drink every day is contaminated with all kinds of pollution including the extremely harmful arsenic? Here are a few tips that can help you stay healthy and avoid getting sick because of drinking dirty tap water.

Water is one of the most important elements on earth. As they say, water is life. A few decades ago, water is not as expensive and as unhealthy as today. Unlike the old days, we can no longer take a glass of tap water straight from a public faucet today and drink it directly without worrying about getting infected with some water-borne diseases like Dysentery, Cholera, Typhoid, and Guinea worm disease.

Clean Water

Unfortunately, the tap water in India is no longer safe to drink. In order to stay healthy and to avoid getting sick due to consumption of dirty tap water, I highly recommend that you take below tips seriously.

Avoid ice in drinks

Avoid ice in drinks unless otherwise, you are the one who made it. Do not just buy ice from the local store and add it directly to your drinks. Most often than not, the ice is made from unsanitary tap water. Always remember that not all viruses and bacteria can be killed by keeping the water at the freezing temperature. If you add a contaminated ice, your beverage can also be contaminated.

Use bottled mineral water when brushing your teeth

Best Teeth

The gums can be one of the direct, quickest, and easiest paths that the bacteria and viruses can take to get into your bloodstream. Since the tap water in India is not hundred percent free from pollutants and bacteria, it is best to avoid using it when brushing your teeth. This may sound a bit odd (and expensive too) but it is better to spend a few Indian Rupee for the bottled mineral water than to spend thousands for hospitalization and medication.

Try other beverages

Water and tea are not the only thirst quencher in India. You can try other beverages like fresh coconut water and bottled fruit juices.

Drink fresh chai


There is nothing that can beat the refreshing effects of a fresh, sweet chai tea. Chai is a popular Indian tea. Its main ingredients are sugar, Ayurvedic spices like ginger and cardamom, and lots of milk.

Buy the best packaged drinking water

The packaged drinking water industry in India is continuously growing. As the packaged drinking water plant cost gets more affordable and as the demand continues to increase day after day, more and more local businessmen are encouraged to open their own water plant and jump into the arena of producing safe drinking water. As an evidence, you can see many water refilling stations and mineral water plants in almost all corners in Indias.

water purification

However, not because you bought the drinking water from a water refilling station you will just automatically conclude that it is safe from impurities. Mineral water plants and stations are not created equal. Some companies employ the highest standards with their filtration process while others do not have the best equipment for the filtration process. And this gives a huge difference when it comes to the product they produce.

You can basically find various brands of mineral water in India. When buying a bottled mineral drinking water, make it sure that you know where it came from and if the company is reliable. If possible, pick the one that is produced by giant companies as they tend to have more rigid safety standards as compared to unknown brands.

FSSAI License

Why Is It Important To Have License If You Own A Packaged Drinking Water Plant?

Pure water is world’s first foremost medicine. Water is the drinking force of nature. It is the right of every living being on earth. Today clean drinking water is the first and the most important step into lifting communities out of the cycles of illness and poverty. Water is life and today only 3% of water available on earth is apt for consumption out of which most of it is in the frozen form and the remaining is not clean enough. Therefore we need water filtration plants. A packaged drinking water plant is one where the water is filtered and cleaned and then necessary minerals are added to it before the final packaging. Today more and more people are advancing towards the use of packaged drinking water. This has made package drinking water an evergreen business. However, if you planning to open up a packaged drinking water plant then make sure you have the license from FSSAI.

packaged drinking water

Last month the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) announced its plan to whip on all the unlicensed packaging drinking water plant companies. A popular news broadcast channel reported that nearly 4000 food business operators dealing which packaged drinking water did not have a FSSAI license.

We, at Bottling India, understand the importance of documents and license needed for a packaged dirking water plant and therefore our expert team is always on their toes to assist you with any help required. There are many documents right from the SSI (small scale industry) registration that would be required if you plan up on opening a packaged drinking water plant.

If you are planning to sell packaged drinking water in the form of bottles, jars or even pouches it is mandatory to get the Indian Standard Institute (ISI) license issued by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The ISI mark is a certification mark that confirms the product to be of Indian standard. It is by far the most recognized mark in the Indian subcontinent. The first certification would be the BIS certification but after obtaining that one needs to have an FSSAI license too.

FSSAI License

FSSAI, established in 2006, has been created for laying down science based standards for food articles and to regulate their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import. FSSAI certificate is now mandatory for all manufacturers, traders, restaurants and those who are involved in food business, commonly termed as Food Business Operators (FBOs). You need to first obtain a BIS certification and then the FSSAI license.

It was noted that out of 5,842 registered water packaging units, only 1,495 units had both BIS and FSSAI licenses while 4,347 units only had the BIS certification. It is important to have both the certifications and if you are planning up to open a packaged drinking water plant, make sure you plan it correctly and have all the required documents for a successful business.

package drinking water