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With clear intention of serving communities with clean and purified water, we at Bottling India (Indian ION Exchange) focus on delivery and installation of inventive Water Purifier Plant. The process of water purification is complex and challenging. Hence, to deal with this, we have designed turnkey projects that are aimed at delivering systematically treated and healthy water to our client base.

Since we have the responsibility of dealing with clients from industrial and domestic sector, hence our focus remains on designing our solutions accordingly. Strategy based planning for filtration and decontamination of water has been our forte. We are equipped with state of art plant manufacturing solutions and contemporary technology to deliver solutions beyond client expectations.

Our water purification process includes following noteworthy steps:

  • Quality based filtration to reduce level of impurities in the water.
  • RO treatment of water.
  • Safe and smart bottling solutions to package the water to prevent its cleanliness.
  • UV decontamination of water to ensure supreme grade water purification.

When it comes to manufacture and install water purifier machine, we believe in considering your altered requirements. The idea behind this is to deliver appropriate and smart solutions to you. This subjective water purification strategy adopted by us has turned us favored choice of our clients.

We understand that you have multiple queries for various aspects of Water Purifier Plant installation. Hence, we have appointed, committed professionals to look after of such queries. Our experts answer your queries in detail and help you to form a clear picture of the entire water purification cost and process in your mind.

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