24Jul 2019

Why Water Purifier Plants are now a Necessity in India

Water Purifier

We are living in a time where pure drinking water has become more of a necessity than a privilege. The access to safe water is still a dream for a large number of the Indian population. Components like cyst, rust, sand, and bacteria along with dissolved salts and chemicals in water make it contaminated and unsafe for people to drink, causing fatal diseases like typhoid and diarrhea and putting your health in danger and eventually making it hard to survive without the basic need of a human being. So in order to take control of this situation, water purifier manufacturers in India have taken place in the market.

Water is the fundamental need of a human. Resources of water are a priority and need to be protected because if they are unsafe or unexpectedly contaminated for any reason, the quality of drinking water suffers.

Contamination can occur at the surface and in the ground at the source of water. Once the water is in the distribution system, drinking water is more likely to get contaminated.

  • The quality of drinking water suffers when the pipes are not successfully protected from contaminants.
  • The problem of unsafe drinking water also occurs because of improper storage.

The quality of water also suffers because of unreliable weather conditions:

  • It may vary by season, by year, or by location.
  • It may vary by the amount of rainfall in the specific location.
  • Rivers and lakes are likely to dry up due to overuse.

If the groundwater sources are unloaded too rapidly or not being successfully reloaded by either natural or man-made processes, the quantity of drinking water suffers.

Facts about quality of drinking water in India

Contaminated water and poor sanitation are linked to transmission of diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, hepatitis A, dysentery, and polio.

According to World Bank report published in Water.Org, unsafe drinking water is responsible for 21% of infectious diseases in India. Children who are highly vulnerable to waterborne infections were the majority of the affected population.

If you still think you are safe from water hazards, then you might need to know about the fact highlighted by Forbes. It says, 7,80,000 deaths happen in India every year due to contaminated water!

4% of the total usable resources of water are available in India

As per an article published in One India, only 4% of the total resources of water in the world are available in India.

The problem is prone to taking a terrible turn with a further decrease in the per capita availability of water every year. State authorities have reached a point where they have to derive drinking water from the sources that are not considered very safe for domestic use.

Although the water is treated at the municipal corporation end, chances of having life-threatening pollutants in water are quite high. So the only way to ensure that you are consuming pure water, free of hazardous chemicals or trash is to get a water purifier plant.

A Major part of Indian population succumbs to waterborne diseases

Safe Water Network highlights this dreadful situation of impure drinking water in India, stating that India ranks 120th position among 122 nations being surveyed by the UN for the poor drinking water quality. This is precisely why a major part of Indian population succumbs to waterborne diseases.

Reasons why drinking pure water is essential

  • It is nourishing – Water is the supreme source of nutrition; it is life. A human being can live without food for weeks but cannot survive 3-4 days without water. A human body needs to be sufficiently hydrated for their physiological systems to function. Moreover, it helps in maintaining organ health and allows the blood to maintain the consistency it requires to flow freely and deliver oxygen and nutrients to every cell of the body.



  • Helps in removing toxinsFresh and clean water helps in getting the body rid of all toxins. It removes all kinds of toxins, whether it be toxins created due to bodily reactions, obtained from outside sources or one that occur because of contaminated water. Water keeps you hydrated all day; even doctors suggest to drink water in abundance every day. It can also cure some diseases like kidney infections, kidney stones, and so forth.


  •  Prevents diseases –  Its a fact that contaminated water gives rise to various kinds of diseases even some fatal medical conditions like cholera, typhoid, and hepatitis A. The root cause of all such deadly diseases is contaminated water or presence of virus and bacteria in drinking water. Pure water becomes essential not only to prevent these diseases but also to maintain good health. To get access to pure drinking water, you can get a water purifier plant installed.


  •  Good for irrigation and food production – It is essential to use clean and safe water for agricultural purposes. If the crops are given contaminated water, the viruses and bacteria will transfer to those who consume the freshly produced grains. Hence, water used for agricultural purpose should come from clean resources or should be purified. Although there are so many benefits of water purifier, one can never afford to use it for irrigation, so it is best to ensure the resources that water comes from are kept clean and safe.


  • Better sanitation facilities – Using clean and safe water for our chores and bathing is also very essential as that is an integral part of our lives. Using contaminated water for washing clothes, cleaning, cooking, or your body is going to give rise to diseases. Hence, it is best to invest in water purifier plants.



No matter what we say, it all comes down to us as individuals. Safe water can only be supplied to homes when the water sources are clean and safe. It is every citizen’s responsibility not to pollute the environment and avoid wastage of water.

The problem of water cannot be solved overnight; it is an everyday effort of every individual, and it’s crucial to act before it gets too late.

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