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Mineral Water World

Leading ISO Certified Manufacturer & Exporter Of
Mineral Water Plant, RO Plant, Packaged Drinking
Water Plant & Bottling Plant.

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A Warm Welcome To

Mineral Water World

The company Indian Ion Exchange & Chemicals Ltd
was established by a group of experienced
technical professionals in the year 1994.

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We aim to become the most preferred partner of quality conscious organizations.

About Us

A major player in the turnkey mineral water sector, Indian Ion Exchange & Chemicals Ltd. was established in 1994. It was formed by a team of experts in the water treatment field and applies advanced technologies like Advanced Ion Exchange Membrane and Ultra Filtration in its bottling plants, which help in industrial processing of water, waste water treatment and purification, and also control pollution. IIECL is involved in designing, development and installation of water purification, and wastewater treatment projects, using technical proficiency that can be traced to the eighties, well before even the company was formed.

The residual water for their plants is taken through their extensive water purification system to be turned into mineral water. This is, then, packaged into bottles of different sizes, from 200ml to 2 liters, pouches of 200ml and 500ml, jars of 5 liters to 20 liters and glasses of 200ml, 300ml and 500ml. Their customer base consists of Drinking Water Brands who distribute the water across India, the city and the surrounding area of 100kms and small scale projects like the schools, offices, residences, events and villages.

Our Awards

Our Projects

Mineral Water Turnkey Projects Includes

mineral water plant project cost
Water Treatment

System(1000 Lph to 10000 Lph)

mineral water plant setup
Quality Control

Micro Biological Laboratory Chemical Laboratory

bottled water plant
Packaging Manufacturing

Bottles (200 ml to 2000ml) Pouches, Jar Fillig (5Ltrs to 20 Ltr

Reverse Osmosis Plant India

In order to understand the process of Reverse Osmosis Plant (RO Plant), one should first know what is meant by Osmosis. Imagine a hypothetical experiment

Our Advantages

Our Strength

  • 27 Years of Experience
  • 2500+ Total Installation All Over India
  • Latest State-of-the-art Mfg. Process
  • Modern and Advanced Equipments
  • Team of Qualified Professionals
  • Superior Quality & Affordable Price
  • Maximizing Value-for-money
  • Marketing Network All Over India


R. S. Singh ( Dy. General Manager)

The RO Plant at Indian ION Exchange & Chemical Industries at our South Santhal plant is just ideal for our requirements.

R. S. Singh

Dy. General Manager

MR. Aditya Bagdia Jalna, Maharastra

The principles of customer dedication, product quality and reliability are essential in ensuring the purity of water…by I I ECL-Tea m Efforts…

MR. Aditya Bagdia Jalna, Maharastra


Mr. Govind Desaibhai Gohel

IIECL’s Aquaculture systems have proven unparalleled in performance for over 20 years and have provided a virtually maintenance-free value to customers worldwide…with Fantastic & Break-through progress…in Water Purification Systems &Water Revolution also…

Mr. Govind Desaibhai Gohel

Anand, Gujarat
kaushik patel

Mr. Kaushik Patel

We at IIECL (Indian Ion Exchange) do believe in backing solutions with total service support. Outsourcing service, particularly O&M, is helping many of our customers to eliminate hassles of supervision and time on water treatment and to concentrate on their core business….perhaps the Taj Group would find O&M very useful too…

Mr. Kaushik Patel

Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Mr. Rahul Gupta

IIECL’s Ultra-Modern systems are engineered to focus the power of concentrated Ultra Modern Water Plants with proven performance for disinfection and chlorine reduction in Recreational Water Systems worldwide…

Mr. Rahul Gupta

Patna, Bihar

Mr. K. T. Suthar Pali, rajasthan

IIECL’s Prompt-Services to the Customer for PURE-WATER continues to be the world leader in UV water treatment systems for Industrial & Commercialand Domestic Applications… With an Innovation and Advanced Expertise…(PURE-QUALITY )

Mr. K. T. Suthar Pali, rajasthan


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