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“Agreement” solely mingles T&C along with privacy terms, associated with another zone of EFL portal, under the bottling India name. There are some references to be noted down, which can be amended, supplemented varied and also replaced when required.

“Site” solely deals with the official website, which is operated and owned by none other than Bottling India. It will also deal with a value in order to buy the products listed below.

“User” solely deals with the buyer zone, which will accept the zone of Seller sale offer, by placing an order online.

“Products” are related with goods and services promoted on the site and offered for sale. is going to reject the offer, according to their will. The information associated with the “invitation to offer�? zone. The order associated, will be subjected under the terms and conditions mentioned and the agreement will also deal with the same terms:

The user is going to certified that the person is more than 18 years of his age and also has parent consent for the purchase.

These terms are going to supersede the previous norms, agreements and understandings and will not prevail any other terms. By using the service, you agree to the terms.

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