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Returns and Refund Policy

There is a returns and refunds policy in the company that is quick and transparent. Any dissatisfaction with the product will be examined by the company’s several technicians, however, in case the machine has to be replaced due to a fundamental error made by the company, it will be done. If the clients do not want it, they can also return the product back to the company. For this, they will need to send a mail or official intimation, citing the reasons for the return. The company will return the money paid by the customer, once the product has been sent back in its original form and packaging. Any damage should be duly notified to the company.

The option of returns and refunds are available only to the purchases made through the online portal in the company’s website. The refunds process begins to happen once the product has reached back. The money is returned the same way it had been paid. The amount will be deposited back to the account sans some service charges of the bank and the tax and ECESS amount, which will already be deducted at the time of receipt. Email notifications will be sent duly and receipts will be expected for the refunds.

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