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Terms and Conditions

The zone of terms and condition is going to focus towards the terms of use along with privacy policy. All these collectively are going to give rise to a regulating relationship with the help of Bottling Indian platform. You are requested to read the papers carefully. If, by any case, the terms and conditions are deemed void, it is not going to affect the enforceability of the other clauses, associated with the zone.


“Agreement” solely mingles T&C along with privacy terms, associated with another zone of EFL portal, under the bottling India name. There are some references to be noted down, which can be amended, supplemented varied and also replaced when required.

“Site” solely deals with the official website, which is operated and owned by none other than Bottling India. It will also deal with a value in order to buy the products listed below.

“User” solely deals with the buyer zone, which will accept the zone of Seller sale offer, by placing an order online.

“Products” are related with goods and services promoted on the site and offered for sale. is going to reject the offer, according to their will. The information associated with the “invitation to offera?? zone. The order associated, will be subjected under the terms and conditions mentioned and the agreement will also deal with the same terms:

The user is going to certified that the person is more than 18 years of his age and also has parent consent for the purchase.

These terms are going to supersede the previous norms, agreements and understandings and will not prevail any other terms. By using the service, you agree to the terms.


All prices will be in Indian Rupees unless mentioned.

The prices are liable to change without out prior notice.

Bottling India also has the right to cancel or refuse any order along with the product without any sole reason. This is not associated with the confirmation and the payment is going to be processed by the HDFC zone and all these are going to be credited to the account.

While credit card transaction zone, make sure to use your own card. The card fraudulently will solely depend on the user and be exclusively for the user.

Bottling India will not be held responsible for any sort of fraud.

Delivery Policy

When you plan to request any product receipt, Bottling India will arrange for the dispatch segment. The delivery will be made for 15 days and after order any cancellation will not be taken into account.

In case any non-delivery is going to take place due to any mistake from your side, extra cost is going to be laced by Bottling India under the order placed.

Bottling India will not be held accountable for any delay of product delivery due to natural calamities, wars and other areas, beyond the control of the company.

The user might relate with the services, at the risk of the sole user. The services, under will be associated with “as isâ€?? basis without any sort of warranty zone. This company is affiliated and the agents, consultants and more are not going to be implied and no such warranty can be placed for the services and results. These are related with the merchandize related with the service, along with the service, content information and more. Bottling India is also not going to represent any sort of confidentiality even though the current practice is related with the reasonable efforts in order to manage confidentiality.

The officials, directors and employees of Bottling India are not going to be held responsible for the damages, associated with the products sold through various platforms.

Presently, the website service is really free. Moreover, Bottling India is going to reserve the charge right related with the fee, associated with the zone of Bottling India. The user is also going to agree with the services offered here, along with the consultants, affiliates and also contracted companies, related with legal zone. The user need to provide true information and the company has all the rights to confirm and validate the given information. If the information is found out to be not true, the company can reject the order made and will be not allowed for further purchase.

Bottling India is not responsible for any damage of the user after using the products. Without limitation includes loss of data, non-deliveries, missed service, or delivery interruptions. This segment might also imply to the zone of injury caused due to error, interruption, performance failure, defect, delay in transmission, communication line fail, unauthorized access to the recording forum, negligence and more.Users, planning to access the site on another geographical notion, can do so on their own initiatives after following the local law.

The services associated with will be used under the sole risk of the user. The services are associated under the zone of “as isâ€?? basis and without any warranty area. The agents along with the employees, consultants and more are not going to provide any sort of warranty, which are to be implied or expressed, for the associated service. Moreover, they are not liable to provide any service to be merchandise zone related with the accurate information about a product. The company will maintain the confidential level of the services and products offered. The warranties are going to take place between the user and the Bottling India member.

The user is held responsible for the indemnify of Bottling India officers along with the agents, from any sort of claims, damages and also without any limit on he accounting fees. These were brought on behalf of the user, which is the result of the user accessibility.

The site is extremely designed for none other than the Bottling India members and un-authorization is an absolute no-no. The eminent information is copyright as title, brands, trade name, logos, ownership rights and more.

The user cannot copy any of the following mentioned above and also cannot reproduce, transfer, archive or store the same. They cannot even modify or alter the page without any prior notice and without any prior permission from Bottling India.

This agreement shall be construed in accordance with the applicable laws of India. The Courts at Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any disputes arising out or pertaining hereto.

The agreement will be made after coming in terms with the Indian laws. The Mumbai Court is going to gave full right to check any disputes.

The decision, made by Bottling India can be considered final. Any sort of disputes related with disclaimer, privacy policy, refund policy and more can be handled specially under the zone of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, in the year 1996. Mumbai can be a place of arbitration and the language will be English.

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