20Nov 2018

Are You Starting Your First Mineral Water Setup? Get Fair RO Plant Cost Estimation

Setting up a mineral water plant or RO site has been trending among young entrepreneurs in India. Additionally, more and more people are getting conscious about drinking healthy water, and that is where the idea takes place. The article is going to depict the steps involved in setting up an RO plant plus the RO plant cost estimation.

Water Plant Cost Estimation

How The Production For Packaged Water Takes Place?

#1 Get the Source of Raw Water

The very first step in the mineral water production is to find out the source of water. You should have a raw water source that can fulfill the production’s need. Identify, what can be the water supply basis such as the bore well, municipal supply or any other foundation that provides raw water.

#2 Prepare the Reservoir

The next step is to prepare the reservoir or the storage where all the raw water is going to be stored. The storage should be there to take the raw water so you can proceed further with the filtration.

#3 Apply Water Treatment System

Water Treatment System

Now, the time comes when the process of water filtration takes place. This phase is all about processing water through different stages in your bottled water plant. It is about using chlorine dosing, water softening process, reverse osmosis, UV sterilization, and Ozone disinfection as well.

#4 Perform the Testing Phase

Once the water gets through all these stages, it is time to test the result using an in-house water-testing laboratory. Here, you perform the tests to make sure that the microbiological and chemical limits are balanced.

#5 Prepare the Storage for Purified Water

By now, the hard part is done, and it is time to gather the outcome. Here you can use different sizing for bottles and make them ready for delivery. You can store the filtered water in jars or even pouches and let them hit the market.

Packaged Drinking Water Plant Cost Estimation

Now, that you are done with understanding the steps to prepare filtered water, lets head to estimating the overall cost. Different factors decide the price of an RO plant setup.

-  The primary factor that helps you evaluating the cost is the total production you expect.

-  The overall production is directly proportional to the number of staff that then reflects the wages of staff. The number of shifts also determines the cost of the output if your target is huge that cannot be established in one shift.

-  Other material and machinery needed to filter the water also add up to the overall cost. A company like Indian ion exchange can help you even better with providing you the required machinery and evaluating the total value.

-  Marketing of your brand is also a vital thing to do. This gets you branding and makes your product recognized among the crowd. Good marketing can help you increase your sales drastically. This way, marketing cost can also be considered when you evaluate the total price.

Once you have a clear mind about the closest cost for setting up the plant, you can even assume the profit. Use this formula and predict your overall revenue.

Total profit = Turnover – the cost of production

The Verdict

Water Bottle

To start with an RO plant, it is essential to understand the steps regarding water filtration. When come to assuming the pricing, consider the production and connect all other factors accordingly. This will get you a more precise RO plant cost that will further support you with the establishment.

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