3Jul 2019

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Location For Your Next Mineral Water Plant

Thinking about putting up a new mineral water plant? Aside from the mineral water plant cost, you also need to consider the location where you wish to put up your project. To help you with, we have here the factors that you need to consider when choosing the best location for your new water plant.

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when creating your own water plant. Aside from the mineral water plant cost, you also need to consider the location where you wish to put up your project. But how will you know if your chosen location is the right place for your mineral water plant?

Here are the things to consider in choosing the best location for your water bottling company.

  • Market and Man Power

Knowing the need of your target market in an area draws a clearer path to making the next steps for preparing your plant.

Another important thing to consider aside from your potential consumers is your potential workers. Your workforce will help your plant become operational. Your business will eventually allow job opportunities to people around your plant area, and it’s always better to know the people you will be working with to help you with your business goals.

  • Competition

The competition is also an important factor that you need to consider in choosing the best location. If you can see established companies struggling to keep their place in the market, then this might tell you to reconsider another location. Having too many competitors in a certain area will not do you good, too. Choosing a location with fewer competitors and a good market can help your brand gain popularity.

  • Visibility and Accessibility

Your mineral water plant project doesn’t always have to be seen by people so they can buy goods from you. But having it visible to your consumers is another way of telling them you really mean business. This also impresses transparency in the making of your products and a great way to convey your company’s image.

But visible companies are not always accessible. The accessibility of your plant location is also important not just for your consumers and suppliers, but for your working force as well. Being accessible means being near to your market, suppliers, and other businesses that may also patronize your products.

  • Security, Maintenance, and Power Provisions

It is necessary to check the security of your chosen or prospect locations. If these locations have alarming violence or criminal rates, then you shouldn’t push through as these are threats to your suppliers, clients, workers, and even to you. It is also important to know if your renting cost covers maintenance or if the buildings are easy to clean. Maintenance is also important in keeping your location sanitized.

You also need to consider the power provisions on your chosen location, most especially considering that your mineral water plant will definitely rely on power and technology. Provide alternative power supplies (like generators), and see if your power lines can support all the needed electricity to power your plant.

  • Expansion Opportunities

Time will come when you will be needing expansions to cater to the increasing demand. Whether you need more offices, more garages for trucks, more machinery, more storage tanks and other facilities you need to add, always look at the future opportunities to expand. If carefully thought-of and planned, you may be able to minimize risks of experiencing the lack of space and the need to transfer from one place to another.

You can always expand at different locations, but make sure to consider the 4 points above so you can finally start building your success and goals in the water bottling business!

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