How To Start Mineral Water Plant Business in India | Step by Step Guide – Indian Ion Exchange

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18Oct 2021

How To Start Mineral Water Plant Business in India | Step by Step Guide – Indian Ion Exchange

Water is the basic and primary need of every individual. Instead of regular tap water, people are moving towards mineral and packaged drinking water for the safety of their health. The increase in the use of mineral water is because it contains salts and sulfur compounds that benefit our health.

So, the rise in demand for mineral water provides more and more opportunities to set up a mineral water plant. Many of the entrepreneurs are investing a large amount in the water business by seeing the never-ending demand. Using it will bring profit and increment to their business.

However, if you are thinking about starting a mineral water business, you need to know and have the correct information about the mineral water industry. In this article, we have discussed various steps that you can sustain it in the current market.

Steps to Start Mineral Water Plant Business

Mineral water contains water with natural sources, such as spring water or mountain water. It contains many minerals that are naturally obtained and these minerals have a significant impact on human well-being. Now, steps to consider while starting a mineral plant includes:

1. Know the market opportunity

As we all know, the basic necessity for human beings in beverages is mineral drinking water. And as the demand increases, it gives an opportunity and growth to your mineral water business. This increasing demand will make the industry one of the fastest-growing sectors of all.

As per the reports, in 2018, the growth of the mineral water industry has reached ₹162 billion. The main reason for the rise is due to more domestic and foreign tourists in the past few years. Not only the large-scale industries, but the small-scale businesses are also certainly proving an incredible profit these days.

2. Certification and License

Whether it be a small or large-scale industry, each of them requires certain and different kinds of licenses and registrations from the authorities of the government. As per the state government of a particular state, the certification and permit requirements may vary. So, to know the exact laws for setting up the industry in an individual state, you need to check up on the following points:

  • Firm registration
  • ISI certification
  • Standard authority and food safety measurements
  • Certification of pollution control
  • The test reports of water from an authorized laboratory
  • Pest control certificate

Having all these licenses and certifications will help to have a better and trustworthy plant business.

3. Good area and locality for the mineral plant business

One needs to understand the space required to set up an industry. The minimum area needed for the mineral water plant is around 1000 sq ft. Moreover, one can divide the area for machinery, processing, storage, and processed mineral bottles. Select the location that can easily fulfill the target market and supply enough water and energy sources.

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4. Requirements of the Water purification process

Mineral water manufacturing requires raw materials that are easily available from natural sources. Apart from raw materials, other raw materials are needed such as:

  • Reagents
  • Bottles
  • Bottle caps
  • Chemical
  • Cartons

These requirements complete the purification process.

5. Select the right machinery

There is a wide range of machines available for the processing of mineral water. Go for the device that fits your budget, investment, and packaging as two options, mainly fully automatic and semi-automatic machines, are there.

6. Steps of water purification

While setting up the industry, one must know some of the basic steps of purification. It includes:

  • Storage of water

Through pumping, all the water gets collected in the storage pump to add alum for coagulation.

  • Osmosis technique

Let the water settle for 1 hour, and with the help of osmosis, remove all the impurities present in the water.

  • Chlorine gas process

The bubbling of chlorine gas removes all the disinfection of the purified water from the chlorine tank.

  • Sand filtration

Filter taps are used to dissolve the impurities after passing water from the sand water filters.

  • Carbon filtration

Through carbon filtration, the dichlorination process takes place for the removal of color and odor.

  • Microfiltration

For final disinfection, water is passed through microfilters followed by an ultraviolet disinfection system.

  • Bottle filling

Now, mineral water is ready. It is passed to the water filling machine, capping, and seals the bottles with an ozone generator.

  • Packaging

Finally, the water from packaged drinking water plants is safe to drink and packed for transportation and selling.

7. Marketing and branding

The criteria of your success depend upon the quality of the product you sell. Moreover, marketing strategies are linked with selling. So, decide your target market and build a strong distribution network.

Thus, we hope this article helps you to set up a mineral water plant business in India.

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