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26Sep 2019

How To Improve Industrial Water Quality With An RO System?

High quality water is supply from RO water plant. It is one of those techniques that has proven itself by providing high quality water. While it has also found a way to recover valuable processed chemicals and reducing freshwater usage. The system is very efficient at removing contaminants that may evade other filtration processes. Such contaminants if left in the water, may jeopardize the quality of water.

ro water plant

Particularly with the large industrial companies that have to go through large volumes of water. RO water plant produces outrageous cost savings for water and also savings on additional labor required to meet the compliance standards.

So, here’s a brief guide for those hoping to understand the RO water units.

  1. Contaminants Removed

RO system is used to dissolve the contaminants from water in both commercial and industrial usage by applying pressure to move water through a membrane. In comparison to other filtration methods, RO is much more useful to remove solids. The RO water plant is designed for recycling wastewater by performing automotive manufacturing, food and beverage production, groundwater and landfill leachate process.

The system plays a considerable role in diminishing consumption of DI water and generating less wastewater. Moreover, the waste produced is reusable in any part of the cycle. RO filtration removes more bacteria without the use of costly chemicals.

  1. High quality water

Commercial RO plant improves your industrial water quality by filtering contaminants, providing the membranes are efficient and of good quality. It’s an efficient plant system that can remove between 85% to 98% of these contaminants including fluoride, lead, chlorine, dissolved salts and more. The water treatment removes contaminants by using pressure to force water molecules through a membrane.

water treatment

After performing the process, the water produced is cleaned and delicious, drinkable liquid. In general, four stages in the process is sediment, carbon, reverse osmosis membrane and lastly polishing filter.

  1. Cost-effective

On the other hand, the RO water plant needs excessive replacement of membranes, which is costly in the long run. However, if the system is used with pre-treatment and good maintenance habits, it can ultimately prevent the failure of the system and can minimize future maintenance. The advancing technology has made a significant impact on making the system cost-effective when compared to previous outdated membranes.

There are types of membrane designs available today. Out of which the spiral wound is the best design type because of it’s cost-effective and space-efficient, offering a lot membrane in a smaller area. The membrane design plays a huge role as such, you will get a massive difference in the performance of the water you can get out of the RO water plant.

  1. Last longer

Reverse Osmosis plant

The RO system is easy to maintain and upkeep costs are meager when appropriately retained. There are various ways through which you can maintain your water plant. The membrane needs to be replaced every six months to 2 years, depending on the types of water quality you need. All the residential RO system requires no electricity, only running on water pressure. However, if you have a more extensive commercial system, you might have to use electric pumps for better requirements.

Lastly, it is advised that you have to sanitized and have the filter changed every once a year. If proper care is taken of the plant, it will have a long life span!

In a nutshell,

When you are looking for quality water for industrial purposes, you can invest in RO water plant. The plant improves taste odor and appearance of water by removing germs that can cause issues. And it’s the perfect solution for all your drinking water issues.

At bottling India, we install and maintain the water purification for both commercial and industrial usage. With our high quality Reverse Osmosis plantwe ensure that the water will be impurity-free while keeping the environmental regulations sector in mind.


If you are looking for a water filtration system that will provide you with outstanding drinking water for your industry. RO system is one of the most popular filtration methods available. So, if you are looking for RO plant manufactureryou can browse through our website.

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