7Sep 2018

Mineral Water Plant Project Report – The Complete Guide to Establish a Plant

The increasing amount of pollution and global warming has leaded people from many regions of India to rely on bottled water to survive. In fact, in many villages and hilly areas, residents are rapidly switching to bottled water to dodge infections and various diseases. In such a situation, going for mineral water project is the best idea. Apart from making mineral water plant project report, there are many essential things that you should do before the establishment of the plant.

So let’s get to know about how exactly can you set up a full-fledged water plant in India.

Water Plant in India

Packaged Water and Mineral Water are Different Aspects

Many people get confused by thinking mineral water and packaged water as the same thing. Rather, these two aspects are diverse in every possible way and finding the dissimilarities is the best thing to do before entering into the real mineral water business. Packaged water is the process of using borewell water for the purification. The amount of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is removed from the water and makes it consumable. In simple words, the reverse osmosis process is followed to make the bore well water clean and germs free.

Mineral water plant, natural water (spring and mountain) is served in the market. Natural minerals are beneficial for humans and all these minerals such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and many others are added to the regular water.

The Entire Plant Cost

Before, you move any further with your water project, research a few factors, and come across the probable amount of many that you have to spend in the starting months. The cost to be spent on the machinery is one out of numerous expenditure. The expected machinery on which you have to spend may include

Bottled Plant Cost


-   Aluminum Treatment Tanks

-   Reverse Osmosis Plant

-   Chlorination Tank

-   Sand & micro Strain

-   Activated Carbon filter

-   Ultraviolet disinfectant system

-   Electronic Doser for alum & chlorine

-   Ozone Generator

-   Raw and Purified water collection tanks with motor and accessories

-   Automatic rinsing filling and capping machine

However, the machinery may vary from plant to plant and the type of water you are going to use.

Types of License  

Licenses required to set up a mineral water project may vary from region to region. In India, the basic licenses may include- SSIRC (small scale industry registration certificate), business AOA & MOA, BIS certified ISI, pollution control certificate, pest control certificate, and water feed test reports from the laboratory. To ensure that you have every important certificate so that you can protect your project from future issues.

Marketing & Branding

Even if everything is in the place and you have followed each rule, unawareness of your brand can result in a massive loss. It’s crucial to do some promotions from your end so that all and sundry try your water bottles at the highest rate. You can even go for online marketing strategies as well so that you get the global customers in a short period. So start branding and marketing today!

Water Plant



So this is how you can establish your water project in a right way. After successfully setting up your new business, ensure that you maintain regular mineral water plant project report in a better way. So go ahead and get started with your water project right now.

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