The Challenges Faced by Mineral Water Plant Owners in India: Solutions and Strategies

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14Mar 2023

The Challenges Faced by Mineral Water Plant Owners in India: Solutions and Strategies

The packaged water drinking industry is an immensely growing sector in the country. The water is packed with natural minerals and elements. They use taste enhancers to bring a natural taste to the pure water. The smell of the packaged water is managed through artificial elements. Packaged drinking water has various benefits, as it has added minerals.

Mineral water plant manufacturers have multi-step filtration, purification, and mineralization processes to make the water consumable. After mineralization, the water is packed in different-sized bottles, which are available for sale.

The industry faces high competition, but the sale of water always stays strong. There are strict regulations that a company should abide by if they want to manufacture their own packaged drinking water. The safety of water and from where the water is being sourced is the main reason that such companies have specific rule set.

Furthermore, companies must ensure their production process meets the highest hygiene and safety standards. The mineral water plant industry is highly regulated, with government agencies ensuring companies adhere to relevant laws and regulations.

Consider the various cost

Determining the cost of setting up a mineral water plant includes considering various costs. The plant size is enormous. Hence, machines and enforcement are both required to manage such units. The machinery is of different sizes and for different purposes. You should find an expert who can suggest the most suitable machine type and size for your business. Construction and utility cost is one of the main unavoidable expenditures as it helps in the smooth functioning of the pant. Apart from these costs, you should be ready to bear some miscellaneous costs as well.

Solution: You should contact a consultancy like Bottling India for professional consultancy.

Machinery difficulties

Few machinery parts are challenging to find, and heavy machinery often needs help getting installed. Installation of machinery takes a lot of time and involves huge costs. Finding the right machinery at the correct cost is challenging with limited costs.

Solution: You should opt for automated machines if the plant is massive, or else go for manual machines to get everything quickly and budget-friendly.

Huge capital requirement

The packaged mineral water plant suppliers are complex to establish due to various specifications that must be followed. The machines and location you choose significantly impact the amount you require to set up your unit. If you import your machines from another country, the cost will be more than that of Indian-made machines.

Solution: You should make a business plan and stick to it to keep the budget in control. Taking quotations from different companies and consultancies can be the best decision.

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Establishing your brand

After getting the necessary equipment when the plant starts working efficiently, the next step is to decide the marketing strategy to establish your brand. It is one of the crucial steps as it will help your business in the long run. It will increase the sales and production of packaged water. Once you get a well-established brand, the company’s reputation will be positively affected.

Solution: A proper marketing strategy and advertising are required to introduce your brand to the audience in the initial days. Besides marketing strategy, the water and packaging quality also plays a crucial role in creating a good brand image.

Finding the location

Finding the right location makes producing more water bottles easier if it is near a water source and a distribution center. The purification and mineralization of the water become easy if the water source is naturally clean. Apart from the water conditions, the electricity supply is also a significant factor to be considered. The unending supply of electricity maintains smooth production.

Solution: Properly studying the location and finding the various options before deciding can be helpful.


A mineral water plant manufacturer in India is an excellent business with the right investment amount and high potential growth. It offers an easy and efficient way to provide customers with safe and clean drinking water. With some of the difficulties, it can be a massive success if appropriately treated. There are various benefits of setting up a packaged drinking water plant. If you plan to establish a plant, consider contacting a consultancy before beginning.

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