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11Aug 2020

Water is indeed an elixir of life, a vital source to keep your body functioning. However, it is equally essential to understand drinking impure water may deteriorate health. According to WHO, chemical impurities found in drinking water are approximately 74, whereas, microbial impurities are 49. However, water treatment in DRINKING WATER PLANT can remove dirt and make water safe to drink.

Here is the list of top 6 water impurities-

1. Heavy metals (Lead & Mercury)

Unpurified tap water contains heavy metals such as lead and mercury that could cause several health problems and in worst cases, death. The heavy metals are naturally found elements in the water. Lead, which is the most prevalent metal found in water is actually due to old corroded water pipes. Whereas, mercury is exhibited into the air by thermal power plants, which then falls back on earth via rain. If these metals ingested, they can cause severe health problems and fatalities.

2. Pesticides/Herbicides

Pesticides and herbicides are sprayed on the crop by farmers to prevent damage by pests. However, the excess pesticides are absorbed by the soil, or during excessive rainfall, the pesticide residue can quickly transport to contaminate the groundwater, river, or lakes. Certain pesticides, like organophosphates and carbamates, directly affect the nervous system. Others may lead to irritation in skin or eyes. Some pesticides even cause cancer, whereas others may hamper hormone or endocrine systems of the body.

3. Chlorine

Chlorine is a commonly used chemical to purify water and kill the microorganisms and other waterborne pathogens. However, the excessive use of chlorine chemicals may cause harmful effects on the human body. Additionally, the chlorine treatment does not even guarantee if the drinking water is free from an unhealthy microorganism.

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Chlorine contaminated water can cause ill-effects on health in the following ways-

    • Increased chance of cancer
      Researchers have found that drinking chlorinated water for a long time may increase the chances of bladder cancer. Some other studies connected the links of colorectal cancer with the consumption of chlorinated drinking water.
      Hazardous for children’s health
      As per different studies, long-term exposure of chlorine water can lead t potential risk of asthmatic attacks, especially in children who have weak airway systems. In other research, it was found that if the chlorine contaminated water if exposed to sun, can cause irritation and burn in skin and eyes.
    • Chances of Asthama
      Drinking chlorine contaminated water of the swimming pool increases the risk of breathing problems, such as asthma, especially in children. Unfortunately in some cities of India, the concentration of chlorine in tap water is as much as swimming pools.
      This can lead to skin burning in the respiratory airways of the people who are suffering from respiratory problems.
    • Cell damage
      The purpose of chlorine is to kill the living microorganisms. However, excessive chlorine can damage cells and tissue of the human body.
    • Heart problems
      Chlorine contamination in drinking water can pose serious threats to heart health. A test conducted by Dr Joseph Price used two chickens as his testing sample to find out the underlying cause of atherosclerosis that eventually leads to strokes and heart attacks.
      One chicken was given chlorine contaminated water and other chlorine-free water. In the span of some time, the chicken who ingested chlorine water showed symptoms of health and circulatory diseases

4. Industrial Waste

Industrial chemicals are the most dangerous effluents released in rivers. Many industries release toxic waste directly in natural water resources without waste treatment. Drinking water contaminated with toxic industrial waste compounds can lead to multiple health problems and in worst cases can cause death.

5. Dissolved Inorganic Ions

Silicates, calcium, fluorides, magnesium, phosphates, bicarbonates, sulfates, nitrates, and ferrous compounds are forms of dissolved inorganic ions. These ion compounds cause instability in water negatively, biological and chemical reactions which make the water unsafe to drink.

If the ions dissolved water is ingested, it can cause a delay in the process of cells and tissue growth and also alter the enzymatic activity in the human body.

6. Biological Contaminants – virus, parasites, and bacteria

Many toxic impurities are found in water that makes it unsafe to consume. Some biological contaminants such as bacteria, protozoa, viruses, and parasites can lead to deadly waterborne diseases and other serious health problems.
Some of the diseases caused by waterborne minute organisms’ are- Typhoid, fever, Dysentry, and many other heart problems. The viruses can only be removed by the right water treatment.

To conclude, contaminants can be very damaging to health. It should be removed using an effective form of water purification technology.

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