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22Jul 2016

Why Is It Important To Have License If You Own A Packaged Drinking Water Plant?

Pure water is world’s first foremost medicine. Water is the drinking force of nature. It is the right of every living being on earth. Today clean drinking water is the first and the most important step into lifting communities out of the cycles of illness and poverty. Water is life and today only 3% of water available on earth is apt for consumption out of which most of it is in the frozen form and the remaining is not clean enough. Therefore we need water filtration plants. A packaged drinking water plant is one where the water is filtered and cleaned and then necessary minerals are added to it before the final packaging. Today more and more people are advancing towards the use of packaged drinking water. This has made package drinking water an evergreen business. However, if you planning to open up a packaged drinking water plant then make sure you have the license from FSSAI.

packaged drinking water

Last month the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) announced its plan to whip on all the unlicensed packaging drinking water plant companies. A popular news broadcast channel reported that nearly 4000 food business operators dealing which packaged drinking water did not have a FSSAI license.

We, at Bottling India, understand the importance of documents and license needed for a packaged dirking water plant and therefore our expert team is always on their toes to assist you with any help required. There are many documents right from the SSI (small scale industry) registration that would be required if you plan up on opening a packaged drinking water plant.

If you are planning to sell packaged drinking water in the form of bottles, jars or even pouches it is mandatory to get the Indian Standard Institute (ISI) license issued by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The ISI mark is a certification mark that confirms the product to be of Indian standard. It is by far the most recognized mark in the Indian subcontinent. The first certification would be the BIS certification but after obtaining that one needs to have an FSSAI license too.

FSSAI License

FSSAI, established in 2006, has been created for laying down science based standards for food articles and to regulate their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import. FSSAI certificate is now mandatory for all manufacturers, traders, restaurants and those who are involved in food business, commonly termed as Food Business Operators (FBOs). You need to first obtain a BIS certification and then the FSSAI license.

It was noted that out of 5,842 registered water packaging units, only 1,495 units had both BIS and FSSAI licenses while 4,347 units only had the BIS certification. It is important to have both the certifications and if you are planning up to open a packaged drinking water plant, make sure you plan it correctly and have all the required documents for a successful business.

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