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8Mar 2017

Why Opt for Mineral Water and Set up Water Plant as a Business Plan

Did you know the first ever bottled water to be sold was in 1760’s? Mineral water was taken into bottles and sold for therapeutic uses by Jackson’s Spa in Boston. 17th century, really very ancient don’t you think? The bottled water selling which started in the 17th century has now gained popularity more than ever.

Water is the driving force of all nature. Without it, no living being would have ever been able to exist. Increasing population coupled with the health hazards have made it mandatory for anyone to see that whatever is consumed is safe and healthy. Then let it be in any form – solid food, clean water and even fresh air free from pollution. Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine. This makes the idea of water business a good one.

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It is recorded that the global consumption of bottled water goes up by 10% every year. So if you are thinking of a new business plan, then setting up a mineral water plant, might just be your thing. You can always start on a small scale level within your own locality. You can always deliver the big 2 LTR jars to various households and nearby restaurants or other eateries. Within no time you would start getting a good number of orders almost every alternate day.

Most of the time you might be confused as to what should be the capacity of the packaged water but you can always start with small bottles and then go for big jars. Other aspects of confusion could even be as to which type of water plant should be set up, but no worries there as there are water plant companies who have experienced and trained staff to help you understand and provide the best mineral water plant. Their suggestion is mostly based on our requirement and our budgets. Many companies like Bottling India provide value for your money.

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The mineral water business is an evergreen one. This is because a mineral water plant is something that can be easily set up provided your business plan is really a good one. The profit margin in setting up a mineral water plant is comparatively high. You can expect a profit margin of approximately 15% for small bottles and for big jars the margin can be expected to be up to 60%. Therefore one can expect a profit margin of at least 25- 30% when you go for small scale business and set up a water business plant.

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