28Feb 2021

5 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Liquid Filling Machine

Whether you are purchasing a brand-new mineral water plant setup or automating an existing one, considering a single machine or a whole new line can be a tedious job. One essential point to think about why purchasing it is that the liquid filling machine should be directly connected with the liquid products. While depending upon its operational efficiency, you need to hold the machine with care, without compromising product quality and hygiene.

There are various aspects and criteria to examine when selecting the best liquid filling machine for your enterprise. Get to know regarding the top 5 points here:

1. Product Details

Learn about your viscosity! Is it fluid or liquid or semi-viscous? Or do you want it thick and sticky? This will help you know which way to go.

The gravity filler is suitable for thin products and you might need a piston filler for thick viscous products. However, you need to know regarding your product requirements that could block the nozzle of gravity filler or, in particular, the environment it needs.

Biotech or pharmaceutical products demand purifying filling within a sterile environment, whereas chemical products need a fire-retardant and anti-explosion system. There are firm rules and standards regarding such products. Getting to know in-depth is really necessary before you conclude on your liquid filling machine.

2. Container

When purchasing the liquid filling machine, it’s necessary to state what type of containers you wish to fill. Whether you are filling flexible pouches, tetra packs, or bottles? If, for example, you are filling bottles, know the size, material, and shape? Plastic or glass? What type of lid or cap? Crimp, seal, press-on, twist-on, spray: there are a variety of options available.

Moreover, do you need a labeling solution too?

Listing out all such things in-advance will make it effortless to take the decision with your system. In the end, your liquid filling line should provide flexibility, and it should handle a range of bottle sizes & shapes with minimum change over time.

3. Level of Automation

Even if this your first venture into an automated liquid filling, you should be able to define how many bottles you need to create at a particular time. Forming the level of production makes it easier to calculate the speed or the capacity per hour of the machine you are gauging.

The machine should be able to grow with developing operations. Liquid fillers should be upgradable and the machine should accommodate more filling heads when needed.

The number of bottles per minute required to reach production demands will help you decide if a manual, semi-automatic, or fully automated packaging system is correct for you. Some experts feel that semi-automatic or even manual liquid filling machines are the best for small production sectors. Thus, when production pick-ups or new products are established, you can enhance to a fully automated one that requires reduced operator interaction and dramatically up-scale the rate of filling.

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4. Integration

You need to consider that the new liquid filling system machine you want to buy can integrate with your existing equipment or even the one you buy in the future. This is important to know your packaging line’s overall efficiency and avoid being stuck with obsolete machinery later. Semi-filling or manual filling machines might not work efficiently to combine, but most automatic liquid fillings are created to align seamlessly.

5. Accuracy

Filling accuracy is a necessary step for an automated packaging system. Drained containers can drive customer complaints while overfilling is waste you can not manage.

Automation can ensure accurate filling. Automated Bottling machines come along with PLC that manage filling parameters, make sure product flow, and consistent, precise filling. Overflow of products is eliminated, which not only saves money but also saves product wastage, plus it also decreases time and expenses spent on cleaning the machine and surrounding areas.

In a nutshell,

Mineral water plant cost

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