Busting The Common Myths About Drinking Water

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25Feb 2021

Busting The Common Myths About Drinking Water

Myths are many when it comes to drinking water. However, these myths can often be more harmful, let us bust these myths and help you become more informed and aware of the facts.

Boiling the water is enough you wouldn’t need a water purifier.

Traditionally people used to boil the drinking water to purify it. However boiling the water does kill the bacteria and filters water to a certain extent, it may still not be safe for consumption. There is a number of contaminants present in drinking water besides just the viruses and bacteria that boiling the water could kill.

Water sources are not always healthy; the water may seem clean and crystal clear but can still contain heavy metals and chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, lead, arsenic, mercury, and more. Only the process of purification can remove these chemicals and metals, making your drinking water healthy and safe for consumption. Therefore, many industries are also investing in mineral water plant projects looking at the demand and necessity of the same.

Minerals and nutrients are removed using water purifiers.

Many times people buy into this myth quite easily. Water purifiers do not remove any minerals and nutrients from your drinking water. When you water purifiers from reputable companies, they add back the essential minerals and nutrients into the water and make it healthy for your consumption.

Drinking water is good only when you are thirsty.

Feeling thirsty is an indication that our bodies are in need of water. Although it is true, drinking water only when you are feeling thirsty can not go a long way and is not advisable. Instead, we would suggest you avoid waiting till your body feels dehydrated, drink plenty of water, so your body does not come to the point where it feels dehydrated. Basically, do not wait for your body to send you signals to drink your water from time to time anyway.

Chlorine found in drinking water could be harmful to our health.

People’s common misconception about chlorine content in the water is that it is bad for our health to consume it. After a number of research and tests in the field, scientists finally declared chlorine in drinking water to be safe. WHO’s Guidelines for drinking water quality highlights that there can be some risks to the chlorine content in the water, but they fall behind once we consider the benefits of using chlorine as a disinfectant agent in public water.

However, we cannot overlook all the extensive research that projects the potential health risk of having chlorine in your drinking water. If concerns are raised about chlorine’s health risk, you must ensure to get active carbon water filters that filter out most of the chlorine from your drinking water and make it safe for you to consume.

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If drinking water tastes and smells bad so it must be unfit for drinking

Yes! It is a myth, as different places have different water sources, and people are often habituated to one type of taste. However, if your water does taste or smells bad, it is always recommended first to call your local water company to check. Next, go ahead and ask your local water report for more details. Contact your region’s health authorities for health advice.

Tap water is healthier than bottled water.

Another very common myth that people easily buy is that tap water is healthier than bottled water. People think twice before getting a mineral water plant set up for their home or even industrial use. However, it is likely to be the other way around; bottled water is healthier than tap water. Tap water can often contain contaminants, although that clearly depends on the source of water. There are some chemicals and minerals found in tap water that could cause health hazards to the consumer. For example, lead can cause damage to the brain cells of children. Water flowing from its sources carries along with high levels of chlorine and its by-products. The best you can do to rid these chemicals, bacteria, toxins, and other pollutants from water is installing good mineral water plants from trusted sources.

Bottling India is known for having quality-based mineral water bottle plants for industrial use. We understand the distinguished requirements of customers from various sectors. We are backed with proper water packaging machines as well that are suitable for varied requirements. Get in touch with our experts to know more about our products and services.

You can stay hydrated just with water.

Water is not the only source of fluid you can intake to keep yourself hydrated. A lot more beverages also contain high water content to help you stay hydrated. Beverages like coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, and juices can also keep you hydrated for hours.

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Bottom line

Myths are like rumors; they spread like wildfire but tend to be untrue at times. Believing these myths can do more harm than good. It is always for everybody’s good to always be fully informed about the safety of the water they are consuming. Ensure your water sources are clean and safe. Avoid relying on boiling water; it fails to remove all the contaminants from water.

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