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19Feb 2021

Consider The Health Effects Of Iron In Drinking Water

Role of Iron in human nutrition

Iron is one of the essential minerals that we require to stay healthy. It plays a vital role in our nutrition. Iron is responsible for the formation of the protein hemoglobin that carries oxygen to the entire body cells. It is found in our body’s enzymes and is also very necessary for cellular metabolism. Iron deficiency becomes the root cause of fatigue and anemia and makes your body more vulnerable to infections.

Women, children, older adults or non-caucasian are at higher risk of iron deficiency. It is essential to have the iron content in your water in the right amount. Eliminating iron from water is not healthy either, so opting for mineral water plants that are designed in a way that they do not remove iron altogether from water but only get rid of multiple mineral traces.

How can excess iron be identified in your drinking water?

You can easily know if your drinking water consists of excess iron through its metallic taste. Your water may even appear a little brownish or discolored without any sediment. Noticing orange or red rust stains in the sink, toilet, shower, or bathtub could also signify having excess iron in the water. These stains even build up inside the dishwasher at times and also cause ceramic dishes to get discolored. You may also notice stains on your clothing if they enter the laundry equipment.

Traces of bacteria and impurities which are found in iron sediments can be somewhat harmful. Iron bacteria are naturally occurring organisms that can dissolve iron and other bacteria. They can also assemble and collectively form a brown slime inside the water pipes. Since water found in wells are not chlorinated, iron bacteria becomes a very common issue there.

If you notice your water having a metallic taste, get in touch with bottled water plant or mineral water plant manufacturers near you. Explain your water treatment needs to them and find the best possible solution for the problem.

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Impact of excess iron on our health

Having iron in the proper amount is healthy, but consuming it in excess can have adverse effects on our health. A gene mutation takes place in our bodies due to excess intake of iron. Overload of iron afflicts millions of people every year. It is very likely to lead to hemochromatosis, a severe disease that can damage our body’s organs and cause problems to the liver if it is left untreated.

Common symptoms of Iron overload in the body

  • Hair loss

Excess iron in your regular water consumption or even in your diet can cause your hair to become thin. Overconsumption of iron is declared as one of the primary causes of excess hair loss. Install an iron removal plant in your property to correct the iron imbalance in your regular tap water or get the right mineral water bottling plant installed if you are working on an industrial level and facing such problems.

  • Liver problems

With the increase of iron in the body, you will notice symptoms of liver problems. Overly consumed iron can cause damage to the liver, which is most noticeable when the skin begins to turn yellow (jaundice). High blood iron levels also cause the liver to blow-up.

  • Constipation

Consuming too much iron slackens our bowel movement, which leads to constipation. Constipation is caused by iron in the drinking water and iron supplements; if you suffer from constipation, you must avoid using them for a better bowel movement. The risk of suffering adds up when you typically take the iron pills on an empty stomach.

  • Diabetes

Finding high iron levels in the blood could be a bad sign; however, iron-reduced diabetes is not common. The production of insulin reduces due to the proliferation of free radicals that are caused by excess iron. Insulin is the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels, so the inadequate synthesis of hormone insulin becomes the cause of diabetes.

  • Heart ailments

High iron level in the blood fails to keep your heart healthy. Obvious symptoms indicating exceptionally high blood iron levels include abnormal heartbeats and heart palpitations. Overload of iron in the blood can also contract the blood vessels restricting blood supply to the heart. If the issue gets severe, it might make the victim suffer from a sudden heart attack. It can even cause the arteries to become too hard or stiff, which will become the leading cause of Atherosclerosis.

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In Summary

However, several reasons elevate the risk of iron overload in our bodies, yet excess iron in drinking water is considered one of the main reasons. Reduce the amount of iron in your drinking water and start looking for a reputed iron removal plant manufacturer for the right drinking water plant and proper solutions.

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