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Bottling water is one of the leading businesses in food & beverages sector. Keeping clean, purified, mineral and treated water away from contaminations is prime requirement and bottling water plant plays significant role in the process. Bottled/packaged water stays fresh, usable and away from pollutants later. Bottling India (Indian ION Exchange) has its footprints recognized in bottled water business.

We provide installation of unconventional bottled water plants, best quality plant setup techniques, supply of brilliant spare parts and assurance of maintenance services. Our solutions are known for fitting seamlessly in flexible demand standards of this dynamic market.

While providing services related to water bottling system, we assure that the best quality is maintained in minimum budget limits. We understand each country has different demand for bottled water. Ranging from shapes and sizes of bottles to the entire process of filling water in them, everything may differ from one country to another. However, the idea of bringing the best technology on board remains constant.

Therefore, our skillful experts, who have witnessed flexible trends of bottled water equipment industries across the world, work rigorously with inventive ideas to design most appropriate solutions for installing water bottling plant in India.

Mainly 3 types of packaged/bottled water are available in the marketplace. Installation of bottled water plant depends a lot on these major types.

Strategy of plant & machinery installation entirely depends on the packaging requirements for a precise water type.

  • Natural Mineral Water
  • Purified/RO treated drinking water
  • Treated mineral water

However, in India bottled water industry is in its grooming process. There is a lot more inventive to be done and radical ideas to be introduced. We at Bottling India focus on bringing new methods & ideas on the board to launch Indian water treatment and bottling industry to new skylines of success. That’s what makes us different from our competitors.


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