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Alkaline Water Systems

Did you ever realise why today we need water purifying systems? Because the water has so many chemicals that it is treated and recycled many times, this has made it a tasteless liquid. However, the properties of the water are still the same, but due to excessive treatment and recycling, it lost its most important nutrients.

But did you ever give this a thought that if the air can be purified, then why can’t water? When you can filter and ionise the air, the same can happen with the water too. Using the ioniser machine, you can filter and ionise the water by adding the negative electrons back to the water. The ions that the water ioniser machine creates are natural oxidants. This is how Alkaline Water Filter Systems re-create, re-vitalise, and alkalinise water with the much-needed minerals.


  • Weight Loss – The pH level of the alkalinised water reduced the acidic levels in the body, which resulted in obesity.
  • Restored pH Balance – The alkaline water can neutralise the body’s acidity that is caused by modern diet, pollution, stress and bottled water.
  • Detoxification – Flushes out all the toxins and filters out toxic metals from the water.
  • Bone health – It helps in preventing bone loss.
  • Heart Health – Since alkaline is a good source of magnesium, it is good for the heart.


Natural antioxidants are ions produced using a water ioniser. The water is regenerated with the required minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium, revitalised and alkalinised. This mechanism brings water back to its natural place of birth — glaciers. 

The surface voltage of water is decreased when treated by this technique. It is like removing the static adhesivity generated by chemical water plants. This process is known as micro-clustering and ionised alkaline water “weather” compared to existing treated water. All tap water, water bottled and reverse osmosis water. This is applicable. None of these has returned to them with a natural micro clustering effect.


Ionized and alkaline mineral water more efficiently supplies nutrients to our cells that hydrates our bodies, cleanses our systems and energises us much beyond tap or spring water. It includes natural antioxidants that neutralise and enhance free radicals.

There is no new usage of alkaline water. For almost half a century, several Eastern civilisations used it. There are various health effects of consuming alkaline water, but how many other applications ionised water may give is unclear to many.

The scientific ionisation procedure divides water into Alkaline and Acidic two streams.

Now you might be convinced that alkaline water has so many benefits. So, installing an alkaline water filter system is a great choice. However, there are a few more benefits that you should surely know before investing in it –

Gargling – Prevents germ infection by destroying cold and tonsillitis, causing bacteria.

Chapped Hands – Accelerates hand healing.

Abrasions and Cuts – Disinfects and speeds healing from abrasions and cuts.

Bottling India brings custom-designed and quality alkaline water filter systems to help you lead a healthy life. 


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