9Feb 2021

Technological Advancements In Water Treatment To Save The Planet

Innovation in every industry is required; technological advancements make it possible. Innovation as a whole improves the quality of life and helps civilization evolve. Innovation in the world of water treatment has brought many benefits to human beings. Technologies used in drinking water plants help in getting clearer, cleaner, and healthier drinking water.

Let us discuss some of the latest water treatment innovations that keep people safe with the correct use of drinking water.

Technological Advancements In Water Treatment

Membrane Chemistry

Purifiers are now providing most people with safe and secured drinking water. The filters that are being used to purify the clean water have to be replaced at regular intervals; if not maintained well, purifiers, like other machines, may get damaged over time. As per the modern aspects of a water treatment plant, membranes through which water passes need to be filtered and purified. Membranes contain pores of just 10 to 20 nanometers across 3000 times finer compared to human hair. Membrane chemistry has an extremely important role to play when it comes to treating drinking water. It has contributed a lot to water treatment innovation by turning saltwater into freshwater, which becomes suitable for human consumption.

Smart Monitoring

Reports suggest that about 45m cubic meters of water are wasted every day in the network built for distribution due to leaks. These leaks in the water distribution channels do not happen due to the expenses but due to the increasing pressure on stretched water resources that raise the pollutants infiltrating supplies. Monitoring the pure water that is being distributed is essential; the additional reservoirs and water catchment, treatment plants, drinking water plants, and pumping stations are of no use unless smart monitoring is being undertaken.

The advancing technologies in water treatment monitor the technologies that ensure the integrity of wide water supply networks. The technology innovation has given electronic instruments and sensors to monitor the system, which helps detects and pinpoints leaks of water in an advanced and effective manner.

Nanotechnology Infiltration

Millions of people die each year from water-borne diseases caused due to the unavailability of clean and safe drinking water. People also suffer because of the scarcity of safe water for sanitation. Nanotechnology purifies the water and removes microbes, bacteria, and other contaminants from the water.

The treatment of water through nanotechnology infiltration involves the emission of silver ions by composite nanoparticles, which destroy the contaminants found in the water. This innovation in technology is quite expensive, but there is a chance that studies and innovation in the field might lower the costs of water treatment in the future. Technologies like these contribute to making the water safe and drinkable to save the planet from deaths caused due to contaminated drinking water.

Seawater Desalination

Our planet consists of a large quantity of water, and we still face the danger of a water crisis. Making use of the seawater available to us can make a myriad of difference to the situation. The advancing technology is making it happen with the seawater desalination process. This expensive technology with reverse osmosis makes use of biometric membranes to carefully shuttle water in and out of the cells and blocks off the salt from seawater. The great thing about this effective biological process can be transferred ahead. Euryhaline fish and mangrove plants are put to use for the extraction of seawater using minimal energy of about 4 kilowatts for every cubic meter of water.

Mobile Recycling Facilities

An essential part of packaged drinking water plant comes with recycling facilities; an explosion of the global hydraulic fracturing industry demands highly mobile water treatment facilities.

Introducing these new applicants allows the expenses to decrease where the price is much lower than the earlier. This technological advancement helps treat high volumes of water at a cheaper rate and move the enormous centralized systems within the budget.

In Summary

People have been trying to purify the water for many years now; even the ancient civilizations have contributed to it. Getting safe drinking water is the most basic need of any living creature. The technological advancements and innovation in the industry add to the process of treating water. The water is treated, and efforts are made to protect the planet from any adverse effects at the same time.

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