25Jan 2021

RO vs UV Water Filter: Which Water Purifier Is Correct For You?

Clean drinking water is extremely essential for good health. Mainly when it includes your family, it is important to select a good water purifier. There have been many instances, where people fall ill if they consume unfiltered tap drinking water. You certainly don’t it to happen to you or your loved ones.

Fortunately, there are several types of water purifiers available which you can opt for. But, opting for the right water filter for a home can be a challenging task. Thus, you have to be very precise to opt for it. There are two types of leading water purifiers which are: RO water plant and UV water purifier.

To understand the difference between both the RO and UV purifiers, we have gathered some essential factors that you can consider before buying a water purifier:

RO water plant

The RO water purifier system uses a semi-permeable membrane that detaches dissolved salts, large particles, and also various other types of bacteria and germs. This is done by stirring molecules from one region of high concentration to low concentration while using pressure to push water across the membrane, leaving impurities behind in each stage.

Maintenance Hassles

The quality of RO qualifies its maintenance costs. A low-grade RO comprises its filters, which need a regular replacement for effective results. While a good quality RO is sure to give you 100% pure water and less maintenance issue.

However, even the excellent RO system would at least need some or more filters being changed every year.

Power Consumption

The RO water purifier comes with 25 w that devours one unit of current in 40 hours. With just a single unit, you can gain 4800 liters of water purified. However, the number may vary depending upon what model you are opting for and also the storage capacity.

Water Consumption and Wastage

RO purifier terminates contaminated water at each stage of purification. It will, in the end, result in a considerable loss of water.

Family Size

Commonly the RO water purifier is suitable for a family size of 1-5 members. On the other hand, high output water purification system is ideal for both family and office for 10-15 members.


RO Plant cost is much more expensive than that of UV water purifier, however, it has long term health benefits.

UV Water Purifier

UV water purifiers carry a high power ultraviolet illumination to clean water and withdraws harmful germs from it. This water purifier is ideal for purifying faucet and municipal corporation water. But it carries a disadvantage that it does not have dissolved impurities from water.

Maintenance Hassles

UV water purifier works on UV lamps. It is advisable to switch the lamp every year. Some purifiers also come with UV alarms that let you know when the lamp is not working.

Power Consumption

The UV unit uses the exact amount of energy as a 60W light buld that makes it affordable and boosts water quality. The UV purifiers provide 30,000 MW seconds for the needed flow rate. It gives the best performance depending on the model and storage capacity.

Water Consumption and Wastage

UV purifiers kill bacteria by passing water through UV lamps, resulting in zero waste.

Family Size

UV water comprises a capacity for 5 family members.


The UV water purifier is no doubt more affordable when compared with the RO water system. RO costs double as much as a UV purifier.

Summing things up,

Water purifiers plant are important these days for drinking clean water to stay healthy and away from harmful bacteria. When it comes to a trusted name, then you can get in touch with Bottling India. We also provide RO Plant installation and will guide you through it.

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