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15Nov 2019

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Multi-Stage Water Filter System

When you are out to buy a mineral water filter system, you will come across varying units with different stages of the filtration process. It consists of two-stage filters to 6 stage filters for water purification.

The multi-stage water filter system is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality water filtration process. However, there are few things which you should keep in mind before investing in the bottled water industry.
packaged drinking water

1. Kinds of Filter Media

The number of water filters, the better it will function to exclude the contaminants. Yet you have to make sure that the system includes different types of media which are mattering, not just one type. The more the varieties of media in the water filtration process, the more types of contaminants it will be able to remove from the water.
So, keep in mind to firstly check out the types of filter media, the water plant has in it to get to know the basic knowledge of it.

2. The upkeep cost of a water filter system

If you have the multi-stage filtration system, you need to maintain it more carefully. As the more the filters, the more you need to replace it and the higher maintenance cost. Thus, check out filtration frequency and the annual replacement costs of the water filtration system before you purchase it.
When you are satisfied with the numbers, you can go ahead and purchase the water filtration system of your choice.

3. Flow Rates of a water filter system

The multi-stage filtration system has many filter cartridges which interfere with the desired flow rates. It has the number of filtration, which leads to more flow in the system. So, before making a purchase check out the specifications of the flow rates in advance. Thus, you will be well-aware of the expected flow rates when using the mineral water plant.

4. Contaminant Removal Efficiency

Find out whether the mineral water plant is capable of removing the given impurities from the water. The water filtration plant does not only removes the contaminants but also you need to know about the efficiency of it and the quality of water. So, find out if the quality of your tap water is designed to tackle those issues or not.

5. Necessary filters and Polishing post-filters

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The cartridge’s water filter system is necessary for the filtration process. Filters like sediment, carbon block are vital since they are designed to protect the expensive media filter in the process. Not all the filters are as important as the others. Such filters like alkaline or re-mineralizing filters are only needed to maintain the pH levels of your tap water.
The multi-stage filtration process is available for both the installation use or whole house water filtration. There are a variety of perks when it comes to multi-stage filtration mineral water plant. It is one of the compact and economic models with easy to replace the plug and play components.
Features include 12 month filter lifetime, delivers up to 300 liters of filtered water every day and many others. So, when you are thinking to invest in this mineral water plant, you should first have some of the points to ensure the investment is mindful.


When testing your tap water for contaminants will be determined through which type of filtration method you use. So, if you use the filtration method, which does not easily remove the impurities, you need to invest in a filter that contains more power and which provides you with the quality water.
If you are going to purchase a mineral water plant, we at Indian Ion Exchange, mineral water plant manufacturer, we make sure to provide you with the best quality water filtration. Not only that but also we make sure to provide one of the best services of installation and maintenance cost and repairs.

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