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8Nov 2019

7 Benefits of Installing RO Water Purifier in your Homes and Workplaces

Traditionally, people used to boil and strain the water before drinking it, it worked back then but at this point; where pollution has taken a toll on everyone’s health majorly, the polluted water requires RO Water Purifier systems. Boiling can only kill the bacteria present in the water, and as per nutritionists, that is not enough for healthy drinking water. The contaminants, chemicals and other minerals in the water make it harmful for consumption.

Reverse Osmosis is a water treatment process which removes contaminants from water using pressure to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane. The contaminants are filtered out and flushed away during this process; leaving clean and purified drinking water. RO, Reverse Osmosis was first introduced in North America through home purification systems in the 1970s.

It is an important part to think about your health and the health of the people you are surrounded by. This is why you should install the water filtration system in your homes, workplaces and even on an industrial level.

Here are major reasons that speak about why you should install a water filtration system:

1. Safer drinking water

When the water you drink is hard, iron water or has a bad odour and taste, you are not consuming safe water. There have been reports about the presence of dangerous chemicals and metals in the water supplied to your homes or workplaces. These materials can become a major cause of health issues over an extended period. Consuming chemically treated water causes a strain on the liver and kidneys, whereas a filtration system will allow you, your family and your employees to have easy access to fresh and clean drinking water. If you currently drink chemical treated water that flows from your faucets at home, chances are you have to drink twice as much water to really feel like your thirst has been quenched.

2. Improved shower water

RO water for shower

Showering with chemically treated water makes your skin absorb the chemicals and flush them through your bloodstream. It can cause irritation and discomfort to the people with sensitive skin on a daily basis. A water purification system produces healthy water that helps keep your skin and body healthy.

3. RO water purifier benefits to skin and hair

The chemicals and heavy metal like chlorine, aluminium and mercury contained in unfiltered water are known to pull moisture from your skin and break down collagen. These contaminants are also capable enough to strip oils from your hair, leaving it all dry and dull. Pure water will nourish your skin, body and hair without causing any sort of damage.

4. Purified RO water nourished food.

RO water for food

The food prepared in fresh, clean and purified water nourishes your body. The contaminated water can cause the food to get tainted and hence causes you other hazardous health issues. In this industrial era, investing in an RO water treatment plant installing has become a necessity. Tap water often contains microscopic organisms. The chemically treated water of our homes usually aims to destroy the microorganisms and bacteria. However, at times,

these microorganisms still survive, and people consume it with water through food or directly, which leads to gastrointestinal diseases. Purified water can improve and lessen your frequent digestive problems and cleanses the contaminated water. A water filtration system removes these microorganisms, bacteria and chemicals which jeopardizes your health.

5. Purified water tastes and smells better.

Taste is a subjective matter. However, as per the National Rural Water Association; RO water is generally rated better tasting than tap water by the people who compare the two in blind taste tests. Contaminants like lead, iron, nitrates, sulphur-based compounds and various chemical residues often make tap water distasteful. Reverse osmosis treatment removes these substances and gives drinking water a cleaner and fresher taste.

6. Protects the appliances

Not only does water filtration systems like RO water plants process remove chlorine, bacterial contaminants and lead from drinking water leaving the water better tasting and smelling; they also provide purified clean water for you to cook, clean, bathe and operate your appliances. Water purifier system removes the minerals that cause long term damage to your household items such as water heaters, coffee makers and dishwasher. Using hard water in appliances will deposit lime or iron scaling, which will cause these units to operate with less efficiency than before. Eventually, it leads to a shortened life span of the product and raised energy bills for you.

7. RO Water Purifier is Affordable and efficient

Installing a water filtration system is ultimately an affordable solution for the contaminated water you consume. Moreover, buying purified water bottles from the market is doing more damage than good. Purchasing the purified water in bottled form is also contributing to environmental degradation. When these petrochemicals manufactured water bottles do not recycle, they either end up in our shrinking landfills or lay as trash and debris on our lands, streams or as floating islands of garbage.

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