16 Facts About The Cost of Bottled Water Plant Business

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23Oct 2019

16 Facts About The Cost of Bottled Water Plant Business

Almost everybody consumes bottled water on a frequent basis. The plastic is bought and tossed in the trash without considering the cost of it. There used to be a time when water was free to be consumed. In fact, there are still some places which supply clean water free of cost.
Yet, it doesn’t stop the big Bottled Water Plant companies to spent millions on it every year. Due to which the pollution of water has become a concern throughout the world.

People are afraid to consume water, because of the toxins seeping in the water system. Hence, the water bottle plant companies have hiked up, while drinking from bottled water has become a regular commodity for everyone.

Here are some interesting bottled water plant facts that you need to know through which you can make an informed decision when it comes to consuming water that you drink:

1. The Average cost of Bottled Water

 The average cost of a bottled water plant is $1.21 per gallon based on its wholesale price. While its retail value may vary from $1.57 to more than $8 per gallon of bottled water.

2. Bottles Sold Every Year

In the USA, approximately 42.6 billions individual consumes about 1 liter of water bottles each year. Globally, about 200 billion plastic water bottles are sold annually.

3. Individual Consumer spending

Per person spends $100 on bottled water each year in America. On the other hand, the larger household spends more than the average expenditure on bottled water.

4. Global Water Industry Worth

Globally, the bottled water plant cost  $117 billion in the year 2013, which increased up to $195 billion by the year 2018. Hence, the cost is continuously increasing over the years.

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5. Expensive Bottled Water Brand

One of the most expensive ways to quench your thirst comprises a $60,000 bottle of Acqua Di Cristallo. The bottle is assembled with 24 karat gold and even contains a small sprinkling of gold dust.

6. Bottled Water Comes from?

It is determined that 45% of bottled water comes from the same water as tap water. While only 55% of the bottled water brands draw their products from the natural springs.

7. Recycled Water Bottled

Approximately 800,000 tons of plastic water was recycled in the year 2011 more than twice it was trashed alongside roadways and in water supplies. The recycling rates for plastic bottles is increasing, while there still is a room for improvement to control pollution.

8. Americans expenditure on Bottled Water 

On average, Americans spend about 36.4 gallons of bottled water every year. And which is around 1.7 billion half-liter bottles. However, these bottles should be discarded properly.

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9. Average Cost Of Bottled Water

The average cost of consuming water bottled is $346, on the other hand drinking from tap water costs 48 cents. That totals around $3400 for a decade.

10. First Documented Case 

The first-ever documented case of selling bottled water started was in the year 1760. Jackson Spa took the mineral water and they sold it for therapeutic purposes.

11. Consumption of Americans 

The global consumption of water bottled goes up to 10% every year. The slowest growth is in Europe, while faster growth is seen in places like Asia, South America.

12. Plastics are Discarded 

Plastics are discarded. About 1 in 5 bottles are dropped. Even if you recycle your bottles, there are very few of them who actually recycle it. That means about 80% off plastic bottle ends up in the dump or discarded in nature.

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13. Double cost to make the plastic bottle than the amount of water

Tap water is less expensive than plastic water. So, drinking from watered bottled is really a costly habit. Almost half of the bottled water is derived from tap water.

14. Bottled water is expensive

The water bottle plant industry isn’t really about the high quality water but of the money. A  bottled water industry costs a billion-dollar. Hence, which makes it very costly when compared to the tap water industry.

15. Small Amount of Plastic is recycled

An estimate about 1500 plastic bottles ends up in landfills or are thrown in the ocean every second.

16. China is Number two consumer of bottled water 

China has become the second most country to consume water. Its population drinks roughly 8 billion liters in the year 2000, and by the year 2011, around 21 billion liters of bottled water were consumed by 2009. Many countries in the world lack access to clean drinking water and bottled water are the only safe alternative for it.

Hence, summing up these are some of the top facts of the bottled water industry. This strange industry is exploding overseas. Something which we used to consume for free has become much costlier than usual.

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