2Oct 2019

5 Ways To Recycle Water In Your Manufacturing Facility

The processed water is used in many industries, often in large quantities. As the water is used, it picks the impurities and contaminants that need to be stripped out before the wastewater can be released back into the network. Such a process is expensive for business, and it is also extremely wasteful. It can be taken into existence through the mineral water plant project.

Thus, the industries which use a large amount of processed water can benefit from some tricks to recycle the water for future usage. Doing so will definitely benefit the environment and will also help you save a lot of money.

You can employ various ways to recycle water to reduce wastage levels. Here are a few of the most commonly used methods:

1. Membrane Filtration 

Water can be recycled using the membrane to filter out the contaminants. Methods like microfiltration, ultrafiltration, RO or nanofiltration are effective. With this filtration plant, you can carry out different water treatment functions like deionization or pre-treatment. Membrane filtration supplies you with the least wastage of water.

2. Aerobic Treatment System

Many industries use aerobic plant treatment to recycle water that has been contaminated with chemicals. The aerobic treatment is one of the best ways of recycling water in the manufacturing industries. It works as a closed tank channelling the feed water by exposing it to highly oxygenated air. Large quantities of very low wastewater can be recovered using this method at a very inexpensive amount.

Aerobic Treatment System

3. Wastewater Redirection 

One best method to get contaminated free water is to redirect the wastewater into other systems that do not require pure water. Such as fire sprinklers, garden sprinkles or toilet water.

You can connect the wastewater pipe to the pump that feeds the secondary system rather than an outlet. The redirection method is used to focus on the quick and cheap re-usage of wastewater. However, this process comes to restriction for effluent water or polluted by sewage. Keep in mind that there are specific issues attached to what sort of crop you are growing or supplying livestock.

4. Invest in RO 

RO is the most common method to recycle water. The process uses a membrane filter to clean the water from any impurities. It is said that the RO water purifies about 85% of water. So, if you are looking to purify the water, you can invest in the RO unit, which is not only practical but also it is a cheap method to reuse the water quickly. Mostly the RO plant is used in industries that rely on boiler feed water. So, you can invest in this mineral water plant in India.

5. Grey Water Recycling system

The recycling system is a complex treatment that is created to recycle heavily contaminated water. Once the process is completed, the greywater can be used for safe usage in a vast number of techniques. This mineral water plant price is no doubt expensive, but it’s very effective for the industries that use a larger volume of processed water. The results of this method will definitely pay off the amount of it soon.

Such methods will definitely work to reuse wastewater. If your industry produces water in large volumes, it will undoubtedly create wastewater too. To help you to recycle the impure water, we have gathered up specific methods that can be effective in recycling water.

You can choose any mineral water plant project which you find the most useful in your industry.


You can now recycle wastewater produced from the feed water. Any water which is used for cleaning, or cooling or lighting process is ideal for re-filtration. Also, making sure that you get the most out of the processed water can help you cut down the bills and beat water scarcity. It even helps the environment. Also, if your water is highly contaminated, it can be salvaged with the right type of equipment.

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