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16May 2019

How To Calculate Packaged Drinking Water Plant Cost?

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind who wants to install a packaged drinking water plant is the cost. All the technical details come later once the price is decided. It is not true that such a plant can cost you a fortune. Most people who which to install plant does not take further steps when they realize that the cost is too much. However, the higher cost of mineral water plant is not the whole truth. There are various factors matter that decide the value of your mineral water plant, such as the size of your plant, location of the plants, technology used, and so forth. Here, we have created a guideline that helps you to calculate the mineral water plant cost.

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Why is it essential to get packaged drinking water plant cost?

If you are not a well-established company and just putting all your efforts into the drinking water business, then it is highly recommended that you invest your time in calculating the cost. The competition is, and spending too much money on the first investment is not ideal. Installment cost is not everything, and you should have the capital to take care of operating cost also. It is difficult for many companies to reach break-even within the decided time, and such failure of expectation leads to negative profit. To control the cost is the key and for that, you should know the price in the first place.

Note that the machinery cost is not your total plant cost:

There are various plant models available in the market. Entrepreneurs are often surprised by going through all the available options and the overall cost of installation. Taking online support for gathering information is useful as you can visit the various website of the companies and ask for quotations. However, visiting directory sites for getting information about the companies is not so effective as most of the companies are just machinery suppliers. And the quotes you receive from them is merely the cost of machinery and not the complete installation.

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Considering other costs:

The additional costs include operating cost, land and building cost, required utilities, cost of capital, and other miscellaneous costs. It is better to visit an experienced company to get the exact price before you start the process of before you visit your charted accountant for the project report.

How to calculate the exact packaged drinking water plant cost?

There are no set standards that can give you the exact cost of packaged drinking water plant installation. There are various costs involved, depending on your specific requirement. Once considering all the variables, you can approach your charted accountant to know your return your investment. There are few things that you should do to reach as nearly as possible to the exact cost of plant installation.

  • You should carry out a local market survey. There are various proven methods for conducting a market survey, and you can opt for the one that is most suitable for your requirement. You can also hire a professional for the same.
  • You need to have a clear idea of your product mix, which is what you will produce and in what quantity you will produce. Once the product mix is ready, you can easily calculate the machinery specifications, and that helps you to deal with various machinery providers in the market.
  • If you are planning to have your plant under a shed, then decide the shed site and go through the construction and electricity cost.

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It is best if you approach a company that offers end to end the deal, which includes providing machinery, pre-setup, and installation. If you need any suggestion, then you can approach Indian ion exchange as the company is well-established and has tremendous industry experience.

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