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6Mar 2019

What Kind Of Machinery Required In The Mineral Water Plant?

Mineral water plant machinery can be divided into four sections. The first is water treatment; second is the packaging of the water, third is quality control, and last comes utilities. If you are looking forward to starting a mineral water business, then you should take the help of experienced engineers who have been providing such a solution for years.

Bottling Water

There are plenty of companies in India that can cater to your requirement. You have to find the one which offers a quality solution within your budget. You should look for a company that provides end to end services, which includes mineral water plant project report and also training sessions for the operators. Let’s see what these four sections of required machinery for the mineral water plant are.

Water treatment:

The primary purpose is the purification of raw water and achieves the desired purification level of the water. The machinery involved in the water treatment is pre-filtration, RO Membrane, and final filtration, and post-filtration process.

The packaging of the purified water:

It is also essential to find a quality packaging solution. The purity and freshness of the water also depend on the quality of the packaging. It involves packing the water in bottles, jars, etc. The machinery used is set up for blowing, filling machines, machines for filling, machines for labeling the bottles, batch coding and shrink packing machines, and taping machinery.

Purified Water

Quality Control:

It is important to control the quality of the water as per B.I.S guideline. The machinery involved is a laboratory for microbiological and chemical testing, which also depends on the B.I.S rules. B.I.S is a government body which monitors the strict control over the produced packaged water. Standards are set for the testing of the water. Plant owners must follow these procedures. Some of the tests are required to carry out daily, while others are needed to be done weekly and monthly. To perform such a test, plant owners must set up two labs, chemical lab, and microbiological lab.

Quality Control


The plant required other machinery that support the whole operation of the mineral water plant. It needs a primary facility such as electricity, compressors, generators, and so forth.

Where to find machinery?

There are plenty of companies that can help you out with such a requirement. You should look for a company that offers end to end solution. You should also consider other factors such as the experience of the company and technical knowledge when it comes to placing your order. Usually, the company provides machinery can also give installation service. You should check whether the company is also good at delivering after-sale service or not.

What is the cost of mineral water plant?

The cost of mineral water plant depends on your requirement. On what scale you want to install a plant. If you’re going to install a giant plant to produce a large amount of drinking water, then it costs you higher than a small scale plant.


We have divided the mineral water plant machinery into four sections, purification, packaging, lab testing, and utilities. You can find a company that offers quality machinery and its installation within your budget. You can go through some websites and compare what they are offering. You can also ask for free quotations and compare them to know the best available deal in the market.

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