4Sep 2017

Putting Up A Mineral Water Plant Business in India

Today’s water is no longer as safe or potable as before. Because of the industrialization of the modern times, the air, water, land, and other significant elements are getting polluted and contaminated. For a safer option, people now prefer to drink bottled water.

Needless to say, water is one of the most significant elements on Earth essential for survival not only of mankind but also of animals and plants. Drinking water should be potable and free from any forms of harmful chemicals, bacteria, and other impurities. However, in some cases, water becomes the cause of illness and death most especially in places where the water sources are toxic or too much polluted and are untreated.

Potable Water

Finding water in its purest form is now getting more and more challenging. Unlike a couple of decades ago, today’s water sources are no longer hygienic. The water that we get from our faucet, drilled deep well and other sources is not any more safe for drinking. Thus, it is highly recommended to purify the water and make sure it is potable before we even think of drinking even half a glass of it.

But not all people have the luxury of time and resources to exert effort on purifying their drinking water from time to time. Thanks to the availability of mineral or packaged drinking water that is now available almost everywhere in the country.

What is mineral drinking water?

Mineral drinking water is a potable water commercially purified and fortified with the required amounts of essential minerals like Manganese, Iron, and Barium. They are being manufactured and packed under strict hygienic conditions in clean and sterilized bottles or containers.

Drinking Water

 Purified or mineral water are generally taken from natural resources such as drilled deep wells and spring and it can also be artificially fortified through adding mineral salts on water. This is one of the reasons why most of the mineral water plant setup are located nearby the natural water sources to ensure there is an enough amount of water supply for the production of mineral water.

Why should you invest in a mineral water plant project?

The supply of safe and potable drinking water becomes more insufficient day after day. You can not just get your glass, fill it water from your faucet and drink it right away. You never know how much harmful chemicals, toxic substances, and pathogenic micro-organisms are present in such glass of tap water. Drinking contaminated water can be extremely harmful to your health and can make you to get infected with water borne diseases like guinea worm, water borne worms, polio, typhoid fever, diarrhea, hepatitis, cholera, and schistosomiasis which cause an average of 3.4 million deaths per year.

safe water

In order to get rid of water borne diseases and to make sure that they are drinking clean and potable water, people prefer to choose to use mineral water for drinking purposes. As more and more people realize the significance of drinking safe, clean, and purified water, the demand for mineral water is continuously increasing most especially during summer season.

Is it worth the mineral water plant project cost?

According to the recent mineral water project report, in spite of the number of mineral water manufacturers in India, the demand is still increasing while the supply is not always enough for everyone.

Plant Project

 The mineral water industry is undoubtedly booming. This makes a mineral water plant project a viable business and a good investment. And because mineral water is one of the fast moving products in the market today, you never have to worry about whether this project is worth it all or not.

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