14Sep 2017

How Much Is the Mineral Water Plant Setup Cost?

Establishing a new mineral water plant requires a lot of research as well as careful planning and budgeting. One of the most critical things that you need to deal with when setting up your own plant is the mineral water plant setup cost. This cost varies according to various factors which include the type, size, capacity, and location of mineral water plant as well as the other expenses like government licensing and ISI licensing expenditures.

One of the major factors that you need to consider when you are planning to establish your own mineral water plant is the cost. As with other types of businesses, setting up a new water plant takes careful planning and budgeting.

The mineral water plant setup cost greatly varies based on various factors like the geographical conditions of the location, size and type of the water plant you want to establish, and the current condition of your water source.

mineral water plant setup cost

Mineral treatment and water purification entail more than just removing the unhealthy elements and toxic chemicals from the water. Depending on the quality of the water source, you may need to add curative and medicinal value or minerals to the water to ensure that it is potable and is healthy for the consumer’s body. This factor will also help you determine how much you would need to invest for the mineral water plant project.

Aside from these factors, you also need to identify and understand in details the other elements that can affect the setup cost. These elements include but not limited to the following:

 – ISI consultation cost
– ISI license and certifications expenses
– Government license and certifications expenditures
– ISI Consultancy project funding and other consultancy charges
– Cost for machinery and equipment like the lab equipment, bottling or bottle refilling machine,  – water treatment plant, bottle blowing unit, ink jet coder, pouch packing machine, and jar rinse/filling/capping machine
– Utilities cost like the air conditioning, water, air compressor, and electricity
– Building cost including interior cost, engineering or construction cost, and installation cost
– And, other liaison expenses

mineral water plant project

What type of plant should you establish?

In India, there are three basic types of mineral water plants to choose from: the 2000 LPH standard plant, the 2000 LPH economy plant, and the just jars plant. Each of these plants differs in many ways most especially in terms of size and capacity.

 – The 2000 LPH standard plant includes bottle making machine. If you want to produce water in bottles, jar, and pouch, you may opt for 2000 LPH standard plant. For the manpower, you will need at least 7 workers and 3 managers. Among the machinery you need for the standard plant are the bottle blowing unit, water treatment plant, pouch packing machine, bottle filling machine (30 BPM Auto), and ink jet coder.

– The 2000 LPH economy plant is much like the standard plant but with the absence of bottle making machine. For the manpower, you will need at least 6 workers and 2 managers. Among the machinery you need for the economy plant are the water treatment plant, pouch packing machine, and bottle filling machine (18 BPM Semi Auto),

– The just jars plant includes merely 20 liters jar filling line. For the manpower, you will need at least 5 workers and 1 manager. Among the machinery you need for the just jars plant are the water treatment plant and the auto jar rinse/fill/capping machine.

mineral water project report

Choosing the type of mineral water plant greatly depends not only upon your budget but also upon your target market. That is why it is highly recommended that you ask help from a professional consultant and researcher before starting your own water plant. Based on the mineral water project report of the researcher and/or consultant, you can be able to know what your target market wants and needs.

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