28Feb 2020

Some Ways to Save Money on Water Filters and Water Filter Cartridges

There are many ways through which you can consciously save money on drinking water machineIt will also help you to reduce plastic waste, provide pure drinking water, all the while you can save money in the process of it. Investing water filters is one of the best ways through which you can improve the taste of tap water, remove impurities and enjoy healthy drinking water. Some of these residential units are easy to install and maintain.

Even when there is plenty of water in your house, coming out of faucets and bathrooms, you can not drink it. For that, you need to purchase a drinking water plant, to make sure water is free from impurities. Moreover, you can even save on your purchase of water filters and make it a source of inexpensive drinking water.

Instead of wasting money on buying water from outside, why not purchase your own bottled drinking water? With that in mind, here are 5 ways you can save money on drinking water plants while you get pure water to drink every day without any hassle.

1. Look for Discounts & Compare the amount

With so much variety of water filters available in the market, it is a tough decision to choose from many options. Research the filters that match according to your terms. Once you have found a certain water plant, browse through and spot if you can buy the same product at a lower cost. But, the value is not the only thing that you should consider.

There are some other factors which are important to examine too, which are as follows:

  • Warranty: even though you have found the same water plant at a discounted rate, always check out the warranty period of it. Look for the vendor that offers a longer warranty period. This ensures that your drinking water plant will be covered under malfunctions for a certain time.
  • Extra perks: you should also watch out for freebies like free installation, free filter tap and other perks.
  • Free shipping: this factor is only considered if you are shopping from an online store. Make sure you get free shipping on your purchase.

2. Go For Easy & Low-cost maintenance filters

Ensure to shop for a drinking water machine that is easy to install and maintain. If you don’t like replacing filters now and then, it is wise to purchase water filters that are low maintenance. Likewise, the factor in annual maintenance is often hard to cover up in the long run. Even though the initial purchase price of the filer is low, you might end up paying for maintenance costs.

The latest filters come up with parts that have a long service life, such as some comes with 3 years before they need to be replaced. The filters with more parts are usually costlier to maintain since they need replacement often.

Howbeit, you can save on replacement costs if you buy them in a bundle.

3. Monitor your water filter

Filter systems are most of the time low-maintenance, while it’s true these filters are easy to look, it doesn’t mean you should forget about it. You need to replace the filters cartridges. Keep an eye on your water performance, on pressure drop, strange tastes or odor and other malfunctions.

Observing these issues beforehand will provide you with a good working water plant, and saving you some bucks at the same time.

4. Replace the parts on time

Replacing the parts of drinking water plant filters regularly will equip you with a properly working system. That means there will no contamination issues, clogging issues, system breakdowns, and other problems. Not paying attention to water filter on time, can undermine filtration efforts. Overused filters tend to lower the efficiency, are prone to bacterial growth and damages the process.

Filter cartridges are the single most important elements which ensure that impurities are removed from the water and providing you with all the health benefits. You can set a reminder for each filter set so you won’t forget to replace them at times.

5. Buy replacement Bundles

For a single-stage water filter system, installing any new part is easy. Things get more complicated when it comes to the multi-stage drinking water plant, which is equipped with 5 or more cartridges, some of which need to replaced every 6 months, other 12 or 24 months.

Purchasing water filter cartridges individually might cost you more than getting it in sets. Generally, these sets are designed for a maintenance period of 6 months or annually. Therefore, it is wise if you purchase the parts of the drinking plant in one pack to save more in the long run.


Whether you are installing tap water filter or any other water filter, here you can find tips when followed will allow you to save money. Spot the best deals on filters, which means considering the costs of the water filter system and factoring maintenance both.

At Bottling India, we render advanced technology and trained staff to help you throughout the process. We assure you that our services are inexpensive so that our customers can trust and save money at the same time.

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