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28Jun 2021

Industries can benefit hugely from having good commercial water filtration systems or RO water plants. Water purifiers are filtration media used to eliminate suspended solids from water, eventually leaving behind clean and contaminant-free water.

Commercial water purifiers are particularly useful for such industries that require water rapidly and in huge quantities. Many industries even use water filtration systems to meet their industrial requirement. However, some industries even use it to simply save expenses and improve the quality in general.

When you run a business, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that your employees have a healthy and productive environment. One of the essential things to do concerning your employees’ wellness is getting an RO plant installation done.

Good quality RO water plants ensure that your workforce has access to clean and healthy drinking water at all times. Now, read on to find out what factors you must look for when purchasing commercial water purifiers.

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Water quality

Understand the quality of your source water, find out the source of your water first, and then find if the water is hard or contains inorganic salts like calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc. If you find them in your water, know that the best alternative to such water quality is the RO filtration system.


Research about the reputable brands that are on the market. Many manufacturers in India have turned up to this industry in the last few years. But when it comes to choosing a brand, make sure you go for a reliable brand with extensive industry experience. A trusted brand will have an excellent reputation in the market and among the customers. They are known to offer comprehensive support, ensuring total convenience to their buyers.

Water filtration technology

Various water filtration technologies are available now. Once you are done choosing a brand, look through water filtration technologies in commercial RO water plants and other water purifiers. The ideal water purifiers are considered those purifiers that use multiple filtration technologies, eliminating different types of commonly found water contaminants. Opting for models that feature RO membrane, pre-activated carbon filter, and sediment filter will ensure adequate water purification. Research more about where you can find the best water purifiers that could meet your individual needs.

Total and per hour capacity

In order to understand which water purifier is the right one, you have to know about the total number of people the purifier is going to serve on average daily. Knowing this will help you pick the suitable capacity of the purifier. Once you get a clear idea about the total capacity, check the purifier’s per-hour purification capacity. Ensure you get an RO water plant with a fast purification mechanism so people won’t have to wait in the long queues near the water station.

Installation and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Display

Pay some extra attention to how the water purifier is going to be installed. Different models tend to serve different purposes; it is ideal to choose a model that can be mounted on the wall. Yet, if you prefer a table-top model, then you can consider the same as well. It is also easier to find models that can be wall-mounted and placed on a tabletop for your convenience. Some models also feature a TDS display which lets you monitor the entire purification process.

Additional features

With advancements in technologies, it has become even easier to find commercial water purifiers with a host of additional features. Flowmeter, pressure gauge and taste enhancer are some other features that are worth having. These additional features remarkably improve the functionality of water purifiers. They become an add-on to allowing you to have access to clean and odour-free water, which is also rich in minerals and tastes well.

Pick the right commercial RO water plant

Paying attention to the factors discussed above will help you make the right decision while choosing the right RO water plant for your workplace. Compare brands, models, and prices easily through the internet now and find yourself a purifier that perfectly matches your requirements.

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