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23Dec 2020

5 Easy Tips For Effective Maintenance Of RO Water Purifier by Bottling India

RO is one of the best methods to get purified drinking water. The system uses the principle of osmosis and reverses the process. So, if you are thinking of investing in this excellent drinking water plant or you already own one, it can last up to 10-15 years if taken good care of. Any good quality RO purifier can last for an extended period if it is properly maintained.

RO Water Purifier

Good maintenance of RO purifier will not keep the cleaner running for a long time, but also it will ensure clean and safe drinking water. So, if you are avoiding RO drinking water machine maintenance, then you are risking the health of you and your loved ones.

To preserve the RO in good condition, here are some effective maintenance tips for long-lasting operation:

1. Change RO Filters Regularly

Regular replacement of the filters and membrane is the most crucial task for the effective working of RO water purifier.  There are a variety of filters that needs to be changed at a particular time gap.

The easy way is to look for the user manual guide’s information to determine the replacement schedule of all the filters and membranes. You need to replace filters and membrane because the contaminants from water get deposited on the filter surface. And for a long period, the deposits block the filters. Thus, decreasing the filtration capacity and the quality of the water too.

When your filter starts to take a long time to fill up the storage tank, that means you need to replace the filters and membrane.

2. Install A Softener for Extra Efficiency

Installing a water softener can result in a good-tasting and purified water. It is essential because, in some cases, the presence of magnesium and calcium can make the water hard and challenging to maintain. Thus, with the help of a water softener, you won’t have to look into it.

3. Cleaning and Sanitization

One of the easy ways to maintain an RO water purifier is to get it appropriately cleaned every year. As such, it has several connecting pipes that transfer water from one purification stage to the other. These pipes should be cleaned at the time when you are replacing the filters themselves.

RO water purifier - Bottling India

There is a considerable risk of microbial contamination if the water is being stored for too long. The first sign of the contamination carries a foul smell and taste. As a result, it is important to empty the storage regularly and filled with fresh water.

4. Check For Leakages

If you notice any leaks, call your technician immediately. The leakages can severely harm your water purifier if you have not fixed it properly. It can also lead to unnecessary wastage of water.

There can be several reasons for the breakage, one of which can be the pipes not connected properly or are broken or due to a defective part. So, an in-depth look over is needed by a professional who can easily catch the cause of leakage and avoid any further harm to the purifier.

5. Keep The Exteriors Clean

Besides the internal cleaning, it is also essential to keep the RO purifier’s outer part clean. Ensure the surroundings also the tap attached to the purifier is cleaned daily.

Doing so will not only help you keep your purifier looking as good as new but also it will decrease the chances of water contamination.

It gets contaminated through the external tap for dispensing water stored in the storage tank. So, the faucet and the area around are not clean; it may result in water getting polluted. Hence, it is extremely necessary for you to keep the purifier’s external surface neat and clean and the tap.

Summing up,

water purifier

These are some easy tips and tricks to help you keep your RO water purifier working good as new and supplying clean drinking water. However, you must make sure you follow them to receive the best consumption out of your cleaner. Simply, by following these steps, you can get your system to last for about 12-15 years.

But, in case if you do not sustain it properly, then the system might start working unusual and you may need to either replace it or spend a lot of your income on its service work. To steer clear of this fatality, hire a professional who can aid you keep it in good condition.

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