9Dec 2020

Bottled Water vs Filtered Water: Which one is Better?

Water is the most essential part of everybody’s life. So, when you decide what source of water you did like to invest in, you need to be thorough. There are generally two types of water plants you get for your home or business: bottled water plant and filtered water if you want to upgrade from tap water.

Especially when you are concerned about the contaminants in your drinking water, you have to have a clean water drinking treatment. Luckily, bottled water and filtered water can both help decrease the number of bacteria in drinking water. However, to know the difference and pick one is a hard choice to make. Here are the points which cover all the pros and cons of both drinking water treatment.

Benefits Of Bottled Water

Convenience and Portability

The mobility of bottled water plant provides convenience and versatility to the user. You don’t have to continually connect a water system to your plumbing with bottled water whenever you move it.

It’s more comfortable with this water plant system. Simply plug it into any power outlet and go from there. This advantage gives you alternatives if you want to try a water cooler out in different areas of a home or business building.

Cost-effective installation

As such, this water plant treatment doesn’t need constant installation; it automatically cuts down your costing by half. Bottled water systems can have lower up-front costs when match up-to water filtration systems. They can also be a more budget-friendly option when water consumption levels are very low.

No filter changes

With a water filtration system, the water you’re consuming comes from tap water that flows through water filters. Thus, in order for the filters to remain, they must be changed as and when required for high quality filters, usually every year. Fortunately, with bottled water, there are no necessary filter changes.

RO water filteration

Benefits Of Filtered Water


The other water filter comes with moderate to heavy usage means speedy unloading of bottles, and the urge to purchase more water continually. This rise in use leads to costs that can rapidly add up. With the help of filtered water, once your system is set up, you’re good to go for at least a year. So, using filtered water aids to save both time and money.

Low maintenance

Filtered water systems are effortless to maintain, giving a valuable benefit factor. You will no longer have to carry, store, or schedule deliveries for the packaged water. Instead, you can easily have water whenever you need it.

No Heavy Lifting

When you invest in the water bottled plant, you might be familiar with the strain of lifting heavy bottles. It can damage your back, muscles, and joints. Moreover, it’s a stressful activity to lug bottled water from its point of purchase or delivery to its proper location. However, with a water filter, there is no heavy lifting at all!

Low environmental impact

One of the most essential benefits of using a bottled water filtration system is its low environmental harm. Plastic bottles are damaging and half of the plastic types cannot be recycled.

Overall, about 300 million tons of plastic goes to waste every year, which is more or less the whole human population’s mass. As a result, when you are using filtered water, you are encouraging less plastic waste and lesser fossil fuels in the production of plastic bottles.

Quality water for various needs

Filtered water gives quality water which you can consume without a doubt. It permits enough water for delicious meals, soups, coffee, tea, ice cubes, baby formula, plants, aquariums, and much more!

High quality filtration

The filtered water provides the benefit of technology just like Reverse Osmosis water plant or Microbiological filtration. Each option of the filtration method is different, taking care of many issues based on your water quality, giving you fresh and germ-free drinking water that’s easy to obtain.

The bottom line,

These are the top-notch mineral water bottle plant benefits that can help you differentiate the qualities of it. However, if you have more queries, you can get in touch with Bottling India; we will help you to make a proper choice.

We provide water filters for home and businesses, so you’ll be sure to have safe, germ-free drinking water whether you’re at home or the office. The whole-home filtration systems use reverse osmosis to aid remove bad smells, uncomfortable taste, and impurities. So, make sure to invest in a suitable water filtration method. Get in touch with us!!

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