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7Jul 2022

When it comes to making healthier choices, water beats it all. Be it adding it in plenty to your daily life or cutting down sugary beverages by intaking different types of water. Eliminate those extra calories, artificial flavours and added sugar from your diet and do yourself a major favour. One of the most effective ways you could do that is to reach for a water bottle every time you see yourself reaching for a sugary drink.

Since water bottle is feasible for people who are constantly on the go, setting up a bottled water plant as a business seems highly profitable.

What exactly is bottled water?

Bottled water is basically one of the top-selling beverages of all time as it is what aids in the hydration of millions every day.

Here’s why most people are choosing bottled water for consumption over a wide variety of available alternatives. It comes in different sizes, flavours and filtration methods. And here’s how we have broken down the various benefits of bottled water overall.

Let’s dive in

The benefits of bottled water

Fresh mineral water on the go

People require a certain amount of water every day to keep hydrated and healthy, and they need to reach their standard amount of water daily, which is 8-ounce glasses a day.

The simple comfort of having a water bottle around does not only work as that visual reminder to drink more water but also allows you to drink fresh water on the go.


Over everything else, convenience comes first and foremost for most consumers.

The convenience benefits of having a water bottle around work sometimes wonders since it becomes easy to transport it, and it also comes in handy whenever required, whether it be at work, at the gym, or running errands, and of course, while travelling, bottled water is the way to go.

packaged drinking water

Flavour with added nutrients

While Some people may fail to acknowledge the taste difference between water from a mineral water bottling plant and normal water from taps, bottled water tastes way better than regular tap water because of the purification process that the water undergoes. You will notice that bottled water does not have the metallic taste that you usually find in tap water. And if you are one of those people with a sensitive sense of taste and are generally hindered by tap water, then probably bottled water is the way out for you.

However, the taste difference could also be because some people invest in a bottled water plant that produces water with some natural flavours by adding other ingredients to the water, such as electrolytes. These ingredients add to the richness of nutrients in the water and also enhance its flavour making it more likeable.

Free of impurities

Tap water goes under a lot of pipeage before getting to your faucet; now, what stands out for the water to be pure depends on how you choose to store it. The impurities and contaminants may return to the water despite being filtered if not stored properly. Since bottled water comes from a mineral water bottling plant, it is safe from such issues as it is strictly regulated and monitored, ensuring its 100% purity.

Easy to store

Water is one of the most basic necessities in life, so it should be one of those things that can be easily stored and carried around. The water is tightly sealed in a bottle, making it the safest to store and carry around, especially when travelling.


  • Purified water

Purified water is the type of tap water that is mechanically processed to remove impurities. And there are many different types of purifications; they are explained as follows:

  • Distilled water

Distilled water is the type of purified water that has gone under the distillation process. The process of distillation involves boiling the water to get rid of its contaminants like inorganic minerals or metals. The vapour is then condensed into a liquid form, and the pure water is filled up in the water bottles.

  • Spring water

Spring water is derived from an underground formation where the water naturally flows to the surface of the earth. This natural life cycle provides essential nutrients to the water that were present in the soil as it passes through. Simply put, it originates from a sunken aquifer, hence labelled as spring water.

In Summary

Bottling India is one of the leading ISO-certified manufacturers and exporters of mineral water bottling plants. We come from the standpoint of the health factor, which lets us provide businesses with mineral water solutions.

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